Vikrant Adams’ visit to Pachora-Bhadgaon sparked speculation about R. O. Patil’s daughter’s political foray


New Delhi (India) : Is Vaishali Patil-Suryavanshi, the daughter of Shiv Sena leader and MLA Late Raghunath Omkar Patil, planning a political fortune? The visit of prominent political strategist Vikrant Adams to the late leader’s Nirmal Seed factory in Pachora, Jalgaon, has sparked speculation about his daughter’s political career.

Adams has extensive experience working with candidates from all political parties and devising successful political strategies for them. He is currently working on several projects.

Raghunath Patil, popularly known as Tatyasaheb R. O. Patil, was elected twice from the Pachora-Bhadgaon seat on a Shiv Sena ticket. He was the first Shiv Sena MLA from Pachora. He died of cancer in March 2019, just before the Lok Sabha elections, where he was given a word by Uddhav Thackeray for the candidate from Jalgaon Lok Sabha seat.

Since his death, the political landscape of the Pachora-Bhadgaon constituency has changed dramatically. More recently, Eknath Shinde’s rebellion has divided the Shiv Sena, further altering the political equations in the state and region. In this situation, the right strategy and political acumen have become even more important, and this is where Adams’ astute political sense could be seen making a significant difference.

There was no reaction from either side to the intriguing development, but if sources are to be believed, both parties are expected to hold further talks very soon.

Even after his death, R. O. Patil continues to have a positive influence on the local communities, which benefited greatly from his work as a politician, businessman, farmer, philanthropist, and educator. Vaishali Patil-Suryavanshi is seen benefiting from her late father’s legacy and working if she decides to enter politics. It has long been assumed that she wishes to enter politics and carry on her father’s legacy.

Adams’ services, such as pre-election surveys, election campaign management, constituency research, campaign war room management, and media communication strategy, combined with his unique insights, deep understanding of the ground situation, and ability to shape the narrative and manage a winning election, make him an invaluable ally for any political candidate, particularly a newcomer.

Adams’ visit to Nirmal Seeds has piqued political interest, and it will be interesting to see what role he plays in the Pachora-Bhadgaon seat elections.