YES WORLD launches energy-efficient glass for green buildings to fight global warming

YES WORLD works in climate technology to save our planet from Global Warming


Dubai : Singapore-based YES WORLD Climate Tech Pte Ltd launches the world’s first energy-efficient windows solution. This new glass product line is part of the company’s SAVE EARTH MISSION to reduce carbon emissions. Specialized glass includes double pane and sandwich glass with a patented material that reflects solar radiant heat. See-through energy-efficient glass blocks solar heat and reduces HVAC load.

YES WORLD works in climate technology to save our planet from Global Warming, which is viewed as an existential threat. YES WORLD’s approach to climate change and global warming is community-driven.

According to scientists, if nothing is done to stop global warming, Earth will die by 2040. YES WORLD understood the gravity of the problem and launched a major initiative. YES WORLD launched Energy Efficiency Windows Solution today after years of research, dedication, and handwork.

YES WORLD’s energy-efficient window glass reflects 85% of solar heat. This unique solution fixes window-related building envelope flaws. The product controls reflectivity, emissivity, absorption, radiant heat gain, solar heat gain, privacy, and is a passive solar collector, absorbing sunlight and radiating free heat into the building. This is a green building solution. YES WORLD is in contact with green building construction management and compliance agencies.

YES WORLD’s energy-efficient glass product line reduces radiant heat, reducing the greenhouse effect in the building, and reflects 92% of UV rays out the window, reducing fading and sun damage. Its one-way design provides daytime privacy and reduces glare for sensitive eyes.

Dr. Sandeep Choudhary, YES WORLD CEO and Save Earth activist, said the Windows solution has had amazing results. The product is the most efficient on the market, reflecting 85% of solar heat. The YES WORLD windows solution saves up to 50% on energy bills.

Dr. Choudhary said 75% of solar heat comes through windows in residential or commercial buildings, so the YES WORLD innovation team focused on sustainable windows. Installing energy-efficient windows can cut energy use by 50%. This is a unique, life-changing product that every home and business needs.

Yes World will instal Windows globally. In the first phase, the company will target Gulf countries with more solar heat problems, including Egypt, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Jordan, UAE, Israel, Lebanon, Oman, Palestine, Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain. YES WORLD plans sales and installations in 50 countries in 3 years.

Sandeep Choudhary, YES WORLD’s Promoter and CEO, is a save Earth activist whose work has been recognised nationally and internationally. Dr. Choudhary’s mission to save Earth synergizes with YES WORLD’s heat reduction and energy efficiency capabilities.