Urban Womania unveils exquisite festive collection honouring Indian tradition and craftsmanship

Urban Womania is devoted to providing its customers with an unrivalled online shopping experience and stands by the quality and workmanship of every item it sells.


New Delhi : Urban Womania, India’s favourite boutique, is proud to present its brand-new collection for the upcoming holiday season. This collection, with its magnificent Sarees, Festive and Designer Lehengas, Suit Sets, Indo-Western outfits, and more, reflects the spirit of India’s festival season while paying homage to the country’s rich cultural history.

The new designs, which were inspired by traditional Indian themes and prints, have rich, brilliant colours and a complex interplay of golds and sequins, giving off an air of pleasure and grandeur. Every woman may find the right outfit in Urban Womania’s Festive Collection because of the wide range of alternatives available.

Urban Womania is devoted to providing its customers with an unrivalled online shopping experience and stands by the quality and workmanship of every item it sells. The company is committed to providing excellent service at every stage, from making purchases easy to delivering products safely. The dedication of Urban Womania to connecting rural producers, handicraft artists, and weavers with the modern metropolis market is what sets it different from other similar initiatives. This novel method opens up hitherto unexplored business options for manufacturers, so promoting both economic development and cross-cultural understanding.

Urban Womania stands apart from the competition due to its persistent commitment to consumer convenience. This business goes above and above the norm by providing free delivery across India and a 2-day grace period for returns and exchanges. Urban Womania started off with 50 SKUs in April 2021, but has since grown to over 2,000 SKUs, with big intentions to add another thousand by the end of 2021. Urban Womania works with a network of weavers and artisans throughout India to produce a wide variety of high-quality wares while guaranteeing their fair treatment and a healthy work environment.

Founder Avinash Gupta shared the following about the brand’s future: “We envision Urban Womania as the ultimate global destination for discerning ethnic wear enthusiasts, offering an extensive selection of Indian ethnic attire that embodies international standards and sets enduring fashion trends. With careful consideration for our customers’ budgets, we feature only the highest quality works from our network of designers, craftspeople, and manufacturers.

Adding to the brand’s unique allure, the founder said, “Urban Womania is your definitive one-stop shop for authentic and stylish ethnic wear, where you can discover an exquisite range of sarees, suit sets, lehengas, and an unparalleled assortment of fashionable Indo-Western ensembles.”

Because of the importance Urban Womania places on quality control, only the best items can be found in the store. The brand successfully negotiates low pricing with its suppliers, and those savings are passed on to its consumers. Urban Womania’s amazing collection pays homage to India’s renowned handloom industry by featuring uniquely produced designer garments. Urban Womania is a proud presentation to a worldwide audience of the eternal beauty of our common heritage, including stunning graphic elements, lavish colours, cultural depth, and timeless grandeur.

Urban Womania’s Festive Collection is a stunning ode to Indian history and workmanship, and the company encourages all fashionistas to take a look as the holiday season approaches. Learn to appreciate the timeless appeal of Urban Womania’s designs.

Various Price Points:

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About Urban Womania:

Urban Womania is a leading online fashion destination in India, dedicated to curating a diverse collection of ethnic wear that showcases the country’s rich cultural heritage. By collaborating with artisans, weavers, and designers, Urban Womania brings forth exquisitely handcrafted pieces that celebrate tradition and contemporary fashion.

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