Native brand Jaey brings Korean workwear to India in SizeYOU for all bodies

With their innovative approach to workwear, Jaey is challenging preconceptions and removing obstacles for women of all sizes in India


As more and more women enter the industry, there has been an increase in the need for professional attire that is both attractive and comfortable. As a form of creative expression and individual liberation, fashion is about so much more than simply clothes. Jaey, an Indian workwear brand, is rising to the challenge posed by the country’s increasing interest in the styles popular in Korea, China, the United States, and Europe.

With their innovative approach to workwear, Jaey is challenging preconceptions and removing obstacles for women of all sizes in India. Since its inception in 2021, Jaey has provided customers with the highest quality, best-fitting clothing possible by using only the finest, hand-selected textiles. Jaey is a pioneer in the Indian plus-size fashion industry, offering a comprehensive size range from 2XS to 6XL and pioneering the groundbreaking idea of SizeYOU (your body, your size). With the use of artificial intelligence, the Virtual Tailor can take accurate measurements from only two images, making it easy for consumers to choose their ideal garment. Jaey has established a thriving community of over 10,000 followers on social media, encouraging women by delivering strong, educational information on power dressing and complementing her excellent apparel line.

Jaey’s mission is to completely alter how working-class Indian women dress. Each collection is carefully designed with the varied shapes of Indian women in mind. Jaey invigorates the business casual fashion scene with novel silhouettes and a palette that expands beyond the standard black, blue, and grey. Over 200 unique designs are available from Jaey, including blazers, dresses, fitted trousers, skirts and matching sets.

Jaey’s collection, which takes inspiration from shows like Crash Landing on You, Why Her, and Vincenzo on Korean television as well as the American TV show Suits, is notable for its unique and sophisticated designs. What’s even better? All of this may be yours for a somewhat expensive price of between Rs. 1,250 and Rs.

“I started Jaey with the aim of making good quality, aspirational workwear available to all,” says Jaini Haria, the company’s founder. “And with every new collection, we’re pushing the boundaries even further.” We want to become into India’s premier source for workwear.

Jaey only offers online purchases via their website (, which allows for a more customised shopping experience. With a return rate of less than 5%, the brand has successfully captured the attention of female consumers, significantly outperforming the sector norm of 20-40%. It’s obvious that Jaey has connected with its clients since an increasing number of them shop at Jaey exclusively for their workwear needs.

You may now affordably emulate the looks of Korean fashion superstars like Yoon Se-ri, Park Yeon Jin, and the unmistakable Donna. The only thing missing from your professional wardrobe is Jaey.