Unique Family/Marriage Wellness Programs at Corporates by Dr. Chackochen and Mrs. Moly that Reduce Stress and Increase Productivity at Work

Organizational risks not only directly affect employees and management, but they also have an indirect impact on employees' homes due to psychological issues they face.


Chennai (Tamil Nadu) : Dr. Chackochen and his wife Mrs. Moly, born in Kollam, Kerala, and raised in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, work tirelessly to address a significant issue that the general workforce faces on a daily basis, which affects organisational productivity.

Dr. Chackochen has a Ph.D. in Management, a Masters in Psychology, and a Masters in Family Life Education, as well as 32 years of experience working with corporations and 20 years of experience working in marriage, family counselling, and therapy. His wife Moly is a family therapist who is assisting him.

Organizational risks not only directly affect employees and management, but they also have an indirect impact on employees’ homes due to psychological issues they face. Mental health needed to be discussed with the right person, who is always willing to listen or who opens up with the right choices and is being helped with care and concern.



What if a worker has enormous problems at home, where he lacks adequate sleep, resulting in meagre tranquillity? What if he or she has a strained relationship with his or her spouse?

Despite being less publicised, this challenge has a significant impact on people’s minds. The truth is that it is the vital force that has taken root since the pandemic. Late-night movies, obscene displays, X-rated films, Netflix, Porn Addiction, Anxiety, and Stress have enslaved people in distress.

It was when one of India’s leading and largest tyre manufacturing companies, well-known for its employee engagement programmes, encountered a one-of-a-kind problem. Young men were excited to marry, but after a few months of marriage, they turned to alcohol, porn addiction, unmet needs, financial challenges, and struggling to meet the demands of parents and in-laws, all of which impacted their productivity in the organisation.

The HR manager chose a blog written by Dr. Chackochen and Mrs. Moly that insisted that an unsatisfying sexual relationship of a couple affects an individual’s productivity level, causing workplace disruption. Concerned about his partners’ sexual satisfaction index, he was surprised to read a blog written by Dr.Chackochen about 15 years ago that addressed this issue.

The tyre company identified their employees’ problems, and 309 couples with a batch size of 12-15 couples were handpicked to attend this programme month after month for the last 5 years. “Marriage Wellness Program” was the name given to the programme. The tyre industry regained confidence with increased productivity levels after administering this programme to its employees and their homes, which was a big hit with the employees.

This programme has become the lifeline for the entire workforce. The union leaders recommended this programme because they saw it as beneficial to their members. Employees found this to be a very meaningful life skills programme that has transformed them.

The program’s benefits were threefold: the employees’ spouses felt that it helped them sort out so many differences, the employees felt that what they couldn’t inform their spouse, the trainers were able to do and help them understand their viewpoint. Finally, the company felt they were resolving a major issue for their employees, who proved to be more productive than anticipated. This provided them with a win-win situation when it came to increasing workplace productivity.

Dr. Chackochen and Mrs. Moly also discussed the common issues that couples face, such as a lack of understanding, threats posed by previous or extramarital relationships, problems caused by suspicion, sexual issues, and other factors. They also offer pre-marital and post-marital counselling, as well as sexual and career counselling, in addition to their enchanting doctrines. They have worked with over 3000 couples in their career, including 340 sessions during the pandemic and 140 on Zoom.

Their services have been offered to organisations, who have invited them to conduct one or two-day sessions with overnight stays in resorts and hotels for their couples. These programmes are available in four languages: Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, and English.

The management of the organisations for which they work has given them positive feedback on their productivity following the training, which they say is more satisfying than the pay they receive for their work. Please visit their website for more information: www.buildandsoar.com or call 9884023718 and invite them to your organisation for such unique programmes that can increase workplace productivity.