Child Help Foundation will create jobs in Gulabigaon through the Bazaar Haat in Nashik

The bazaar haat is nearing completion thanks to the Child Help Foundation


Mumbai (Maharashtra) : Child Help Foundation (CHF), a Pan-India non-profit organisation, has been supporting and working on the ‘Village Development Program’ in Bhintghar (Gulabigaon) Nashik, Maharashtra, for the past few months, with the assistance of India Infoline Finance Limited (IIFL). Dr. Bharati Pawar, India’s Union Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare, laid the groundwork for the project in June 2022, with the goal of creating jobs and a permanent source of income for the villagers through this bazaar haat.

The bazaar haat is nearing completion thanks to the Child Help Foundation, India Infoline Finance Limited, and the active participation of the villagers. It aims to provide livelihood opportunities for the villagers, reduce the percentage of villagers leaving their area, and provide a better future for their children by selling organic products, handcrafted products, and sweets made by the villagers.

Despite being located in a remote village in Nashik, the women of the village are very progressive and hardworking. Female village members are taking on the responsibility of providing financial support to their families. The Child Help Foundation team noticed this when they saw all of the houses painted pink. The colour has long been associated with female empowerment.

Speaking on the occasion of commencement of weekly bazaar haat, Mr. Shaji Varghese, Chief Executive Officer, Child Help Foundation said, “We wanted to create a platform for the villagers to sell their products first-hand and earn profits without any mediators to share them. Previously, the villagers had to walk for miles every day to buy vegetables and other necessities. However, that is now possible in the village itself. The villagers worked hard to make Bazaar Haat a success, and it was. We promise to support the haat through every challenge it faces. This haat will be a weekly event, and we want every villager to take advantage of it. “I am overjoyed that the first Bazaar Haat went so well.”

To promote the Business Hub, Child Help Foundation (CHF) and the villagers launched a weekly bazaar haat on December 4, 2022, at Bhintghar (Gulabigaon), Surgana, Nashik, Maharashtra. CHF volunteers are raising awareness about the haat with the help of villagers. The stalls are provided free of charge to the villagers in order for them to sell their wares. Local villagers, farmers, and farm labourers are the ones who shop at the bazaar haat for groceries and other items.

The recipients of the IIFL CSR project, which was implemented by Child Help Foundation, set up stalls in the market selling grains, vegetables, groceries, dry fish, snacks, clothes, and cutlery. Bazaar haat had approximately 50 stalls and more than 200 customers.

Child Help Foundation’s (CHF) objective is to create awareness about Bazaar Hart through word of mouth to attract customers from nearby villages. Through this program, a link between the urban world and rural sectors of societies will be established and the gap will be bridged. This beginning would reduce inequalities and help sustain communities which are in lines with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.