Three Day Funathon 2024 kick starts at Swarrnim Startup and Innovation University

324 Students Registered, Participated in Various Competitive Sports Events at the University on the first day


Gandhinagar : As part of the Sports Week celebrations at Swarrnim Startup and Innovation University, a three-day sports event – Funathon 2024 – kickstarted at the sprawling varsity campus on Tuesday. Funathon 2024 has been organised by Swarrnim Institute of Technology, Swarrnim School of Business, Swarrnim School of Computing and IT and Swarrnim School of Design from January 23 to 25.

The idea behind organising the event is to enhance the physical and mental well-being of students through engaging and diverse sports activities, fostering a spirit of sportsmanship, teamwork, and inclusivity. The university encourages participation from all the members of all affiliated institutes to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Several competitive sporting events such as Cricket, Football, Volleyball, Carrom, Kho-Kho, Badminton, Kabaddi, Chess, Table Tennis, Running, Tug of War, Musical Chair and Lemon Spoon Race, among others were organised as part of the event.

Some 324 students from across these four institutes participated in the event. The event was held under the guidance of Dr Jayant Shekhar, Principal and Dean, Swarrnim Institute of Technology, by faculty coordinators namely Dr Leena Patekar, Head, Department of Science and Humanities, Dr Varsha Patel, Head, School of Business, Professor Shweta Kapoor, Head, School of Design, Professor Vikas Sharma, Head, School of Computing and IT and Dr Vijayan, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical.

During the inaugural ceremony, Dr Kavita Kshatriya, Academic Dean, Swarnim Startup and Innovation University along with Dr Birendra Shrivastava, Dean, Pharmacy and Science College and Dr Saurbhi Chaturvedi, Dean, Swarnim School of Business remained present as guests of honour. The ceremony was also attended by heads of departments and faculty members from both the Swarnim Institute of Technology and the Swarnim School of Business.

In his opening remarks during the inaugural ceremony, Dr Jayant Shekhar said, “Sports is not about the strength of your body but the resilience of your spirit. I hope each game is a lesson and each victory in today’s competitive matches is a humble reminder of teamwork.”

Funathon 2024 saw enthusiastic participation from both students and faculty members.