The First Foundation Pro Legacy: A pioneer in beauty and elegance

First Foundation Pro Makeup & Hairstyling Academy, established for over 8 years and conveniently situated in the heart of Hyderabad, is without a doubt the crown jewel of the Hyderabad beauty business. Amidst massive competition between various makeup academies, it has carved out an identity of its own that is loved and appreciated by all.


New Delhi : Makeup has long played an important role in our culture. Although it’s seen as frivolous and shallow by some, it’s really a marvellous instrument of change and improvement that may drastically improve people’s quality of life. We no longer have to fear the spotlight that shines on our true selves since we have a platform where we can freely express our unique perspectives and perspectives.

First Foundation Pro Makeup & Hairstyling Academy, established for over 8 years and conveniently situated in the heart of Hyderabad, is without a doubt the crown jewel of the Hyderabad beauty business. Amidst massive competition between various makeup academies, it has carved out an identity of its own that is loved and appreciated by all.

“Makeup allows us to be our own artists, unleashing our creativity with no limits on how we may express ourselves on the canvas that is our face. The director of First Foundation Pro Professional Makeup & Hairstyling Academy states, “We strive to teach students from a broad variety of backgrounds and cultures to expose their creative sensitivities and acquire the essential skills.

First Foundation Pro is a well regarded institution in Hyderabad, offering a variety of services and cosmetics classes. They are experts in blending aesthetics and methods to create classic bridal designs. They also provide services for film commercial bridals, red carpet events like Miss Hyderabad, and daily makeup looks for both men and women. The company has become well-known in the business because to the quality of the services it provides and the professionalism of its staff of over a thousand experts in the fields of hairstyling and cosmetics.

The Birth of Hyderabad’s Premiere Makeup School

Sathya Sree’s ambition to teach others about makeup artistry with a healthy dose of enthusiasm, creativity, and cutting-edge methods is what set the institution on its path to success. She was able to realise her goal via hard work and talent alone. Sathya Sree is descended from some of the most well-known producers in Telugu cinema. She has been exposed to the subtleties and creativity of cosmetic application from an early age. So, she got her start in the fashion world at a tender age, and the rest is anecdote.

The director of First Foundation Pro Makeup & Hairstyling has ten years of experience in high-end bridal transformation, film and TV makeup, beauty pageant makeup, and celebrity makeup, and she has honed her craft by leading workshops and consultations across the country.

The First Foundation Pro Academy is dedicated to developing new talent and instilling in its students the level of creative precision required by the business. Their courses provide an innovative blend of theory, demonstrations, supervised experiments, creative challenges, expert lighting, and high-quality images taken by industry professionals. Sathya Shree insists that her pupils not only master the fundamental application skills but also feel free to express their individuality.

“We firmly believe that every face has a story to tell and that makeup is the finishing touch on that narrative,” Ms. Sathya said. We don’t simply teach here; we enable our artists to tap into their full potential as individuals while also contributing to the greater good of the group.

When compared to other beauty schools, what sets First Foundation Pro Makeup & Hairstyling Academy apart?

First Foundation Pro is a shining example of a beauty school that is dedicated to both artistic quality and female empowerment in a world where such institutions are many. It’s not your typical cosmetics school; rather, it’s a safe haven for up-and-coming artists who want to learn from one another, gain confidence, and shatter preconceptions through their work.

The students’ education and development are the top priorities of First Foundation Pro Academy. Its courses are the best option for anyone who wants to have a career in the makeup industry, whether they are new to the world of makeup or have experience in it, thanks to its one-of-a-kind hand-curated courses, portfolio building, ISO-certified academy certification, and planned evaluation sessions to discover the improvement areas of each student.

As the only cosmetics school in India supported by technology, this prestigious academy places its students in internships at prestigious organisations and works with them on real-world projects throughout their studies. Furthermore, they provide student loans to ensure that students from all economic and cultural backgrounds may pursue their education without putting their aspirations on hold.

In addition to the numerous cosmetic tutorial videos, students get access to a unique online platform created just for makeup education. Furthermore, success on their specialised online platform is certain after completing one of their online courses.

Programmes that distil Sathya Shree’s doggedness into its core

Makeup artist extraordinaire Sathya Shree runs an institution where you may take one of four distinct courses: an online course; a personal grooming course; a wedding makeup artistry pro course; or a master’s degree in makeup and hair.

Makeup artistry is explored in exquisite detail throughout each module. Mentors use cutting-edge infographics, visuals, and step-by-step cosmetic looks to help students grasp the art’s nuances via a combination of one-on-one instruction and organised content. For more details on the individual courses, one can visit the official website of the academy:  

With First Foundation Pro, students are assured of acquiring both knowledge and practical experience while receiving career guidance, allowing them to rapidly kickstart their careers after graduation.

What does the future hold?

Ms Sathya had also announced plans to expand the franchise into Delhi, Gurgaon, and Bengaluru, thereby helping many more makeup artists get a chance closer to home to achieve their big dreams.

Even as First Foundation Pro continues to establish its stronghold in the cosmetics industry, it cannot be denied that their journey stands testament to their creativity, resilience, and fierce love for their work. Their skillful synergy of grace and caliber in all of their work sure is hard to beat. Even through the continued expansion of its franchises, First Foundation Pro is sure to paint its name on the palette of the cosmetics industry.

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