The father-son pair Suneek and Keshav Jain expanding their family firm KTTINC

Keshav and his father today control the KTTINC group, the dominant commercial unit of heat treatment


New Delhi : When a family’s second generation enters the business, they often find themselves under intense scrutiny. The most difficult task is learning to function as an individual inside the larger organisation. Keshav Jain, the son of Suneek Jain, the current chairman of the KTTINC group, was inspired to follow in his father’s footsteps as an entrepreneur when he joined the family business.

Keshav and his father today control the KTTINC group, the dominant commercial unit of heat treatment. This new business is eager to reveal its state-of-the-art heat treatment and metallurgical automation. KTTINC is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)-approved auto system and end-to-end solution provider serving manufacturers in India. It’s convenient because you can get many different types of help in a single location.

As could be expected, the automotive sector is seeing the emergence of a number of potentially game-changing innovations. Today’s world, and this business in particular, are characterised by rapid and aggressive change. Suneek Jain recognised the need for an announcement of cutting-edge high-tech automation and heat treatment, thus he founded KTTINC as a newly developed commercial heat treatment unit and growing business. They come up with answers to help the automotive industry keep up with its rapid growth.

HeatTreatment, Hardening- Gascarburizing, Normalising, Tempering, Heating, Oil Quenching, Case Hardening, Precipitation Hardening, Shot blasting, Straightening, Pre-heating, hardening SQF TKMT, Hardening under protective atmosphere, Carbonitriding, washing, and an in-house laboratory are just some of the many services offered by KTTINC. KTTINC works with many different industries, such as the automotive, aerospace, defence, railway, roll mill manufacture, agriculture, mining and energy, construction, food processing plants, surgical and medical, plastic moulid’s, oil and gas sector, heavy equipment, extrusion, and more.

“KTTINC is envisioned to give their services in an ethical manner by calibrating their goals with their fundamental integrity, and a team of highly experienced engineers with strong technical knowledge and expertise using the latest technology is essential to this end. By putting the needs of our customers first in all that we do with regard to technological advancement, and by combining the qualities of quality, supremacy, the value of customers, respect, and a holding mindset, we are establishing a new standard for effective management and innovative problem-solving as we prepare to enter a new technological era. Suneek Jain says so.

Keshav Jain’s father, Suneek Jain, not only played a significant role in raising and protecting his son, but also nurtured, taught, and mentored him in such a way that inspired Keshav to follow in his footsteps as a brilliant innovator to build upon his father’s achievements. Keshav Jain has been appointed to the board of directors at KTTINC, carrying on the tradition of leadership established by his forebears. In his opinion, innovation shows consideration by differentiating between a leader and a follower. It has been said of him that he follows in the footsteps of his father and is the head of the squad when it comes to manipulating the results. He is confident in the power of cooperation and the influence of strong leadership, and he has spent his career offering his clients an edge over their competition.

When it appears impossible to make progress, stand out, or feel satisfied, “out of the box” thinking is what you need to get things done. His single guiding principle is to boldly go where the firm needs to go in the future without hesitation. In addition, Keshav Jain claims, “he has been a co-founder or investor in a number of disruptive startups.”

Keshav Jain was a science whiz who also excelled in the arts, sports, and extracurriculars. After that, he decided to study civil engineering and enrolled at GD Goenka University, where he earned his BTech and gained experience managing building projects. Earned a master’s degree in economics and finance from IMT Ghaziabad and another master’s degree in the same field from Deakin University in Australia.

Keshav Jain is proud that he has inherited his hardworking father’s (Suneek Jain) values. He finds that hanging out with his staff, encouraging open communication, and hearing everyone’s perspectives helps him make better judgements. Keshav works hard to learn about his customers’ problems so that he can offer them the most effective solutions possible. Keshav thinks it’s important to evolve along with the world around you.

Keshav Jain sums up the KTTINC philosophy as follows: “At KTTINC, we believe in always doing the right thing with an edge. And to ensure that, we employ the 3Es (Experience, Economy, and Elegance) and 4Ms (Man, Machine, Method, and Materials).