Surat : VNSGU faces Allegations of Nepotism and Favoritism in Faculty Appointments

Merit Ignored as Recommendation and Influence Dictate Professor Appointments


Surat : Allegations have surfaced claiming that the selection process for professors and teaching staff at Veer Narmad South Gujarat University (VNSGU) is marred by nepotism and favoritism. It is alleged that appointments are being made not on the basis of merit, but rather through recommendations and strong influences.

The recent case involves the appointment of a male candidate over a more qualified female candidate, raising serious concerns about the integrity of the recruitment process.

The controversy revolves around the selection of a Professor for Sociology in the Department of Mahatma Gandhi Rural Studies (MRS) at VNSGU. A recruitment process for contract faculty was conducted by the selection committee of the university, which included interviews with the candidates. According to the allegations, a candidate named Vandita emerged as the top performer based on merit. However, the selection committee chose to disregard her achievements and instead recommended the appointment of Mahesh Vasava, allegedly due to his connections and influence in the recruitment process.

It is disheartening to see that despite conducting interviews and evaluating candidates, the selection committee opted to undermine the principles of fairness and meritocracy. By favoring candidates based on recommendations and influences, they not only disregard the efforts and achievements of deserving candidates but also undermine the credibility of the university’s recruitment process.

The decision to prioritize recommendation and influence over merit raises serious questions about the transparency and fairness of the appointments at VNSGU. It is essential that academic institutions maintain the highest standards of integrity and ensure that qualified individuals are appointed based on their abilities and qualifications.

The allegations of nepotism and favoritism in faculty appointments have sparked outrage among students, faculty members, and the academic community at large. Many argue that such practices not only hinder the overall development of the institution but also erode the trust and confidence of students and faculty members.

The Veer Narmad South Gujarat University administration should take these allegations seriously and conduct a thorough investigation into the matter. It is crucial to uphold the values of transparency, meritocracy, and fair play in all aspects of the university’s functioning.

Furthermore, the VNSGU should take immediate steps to ensure that future appointments are made solely on the basis of merit and qualifications. It is imperative that the selection committees prioritize the assessment of candidates’ abilities, expertise, and potential contributions to the department and the university as a whole.

As an academic institution, Veer Narmad South Gujarat University has a responsibility to provide equal opportunities to all candidates and foster an environment that promotes fairness and excellence. It is only through such measures that the university can regain the trust and confidence of its stakeholders and uphold its reputation as a center of learning and academic integrity.