Sheela Srivastava, a patient of Dr. Kush Vyas of Shalby Hospital Surat, wrote the book ‘Second Inning with Dr. Kush Vyas’

Ajay Kumar Tomar, Police Commissioner of Surat City, released the book.


Surat (Gujarat) : Sheela Srivastava, who had been bedridden for a long time while recovering from doctor’s treatment, wrote a book for her Dr. Kush Vyas of Shalby Hospital Surat and gave it to him. Mr. Ajay Kumar Tomar, Hon’ble Commissioner of Police, Surat City, released this book on January 3rd. On the occasion of the release of this book at the Amphitheatre of Science Centre, well-known poet and psychiatrist Dr. Mukul Choksi, Ronak Shah of Navbharat Sahitya Mandir, and well-known writer Esha Dadawala were also present.

The son of Sheela Srivastava serves in the Indian Navy. Sheela Srivastava had been bedridden for a long time and was unable to walk. Sheelaben couldn’t even do his daily chores while living alone in Surat. Dr. Kush Vyas, a knee replacement surgeon at Shalby Hospital in Surat, was consulted about the problem. Dr. Kush Vyas operated on her, and Sheelaben was able to walk – Sheelaben’s life has been transformed.

Sheelaben, who thought she would never be able to walk again, wrote a book for Dr. Kush Vyas, ‘Second Inning with Dr. Kush Vyas,’ so that this miracle in life, which occurred with the help of Dr. Kush Vyas, reaches the people and other elders who have lost hope and can walk with the help of proper treatment.

Sheelaben has written stories about knee problems and their diagnosis with the help of Dr. Kush Vyas in this book written for Dr. Kush Vyas. These can serve as a beacon for people who have knee problems.

When discussing this book, Dr. Kush Vyas stated that when a doctor treats a patient, he only has one goal in mind: the patient’s complete cure. When Sheelaben first came to me, my only thought was that she should be able to walk… she did walk, and after a few days, when she wrote this book and placed it in my hands, I was overwhelmed. It was unusual for me that a patient could present such a gift to his doctor. I am usually active on social media and try to raise awareness about knee problems and their diagnosis wherever possible. Sheelaben has included this information and awareness content in her book as well. I express my gratitude to Sheelaben and encourage elders to read this book written by Sheelaben.