Ahmedabad’s Pooja Mehta sets world record, wins two gold medals at the World Powerlifting championship in Moscow

There was no financial support from the Gujarat or Central governments for the selected candidates in the World Powerlifting Championship.


Ahmedabad (Gujarat): Pooja Ajaykumar Mehta of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, became the first Indian girl to win two gold medals and break the world record in dead weight lifting.

Several countries from Asia and other parts of the world competed in this world powerlifting competition.

Pooja Ajaykumar Mehta of Ahmedabad lifted a total weight of 240 kg to win first place in dead weight lifting, which is a source of pride for India.

On top of that, Shawver Brittney from the United States previously held a world record of 120 kgs in one of the categories, while Pooja Mehta broke the world record in dead weight lifting in the first attempt with 126 kg. Pooja could break her own world record of 126 kg by lifting 140 kilogrammes and winning the trophy for India.

Pooja is grateful to Mr. Inder Singh Gujar, Power Lifting President, Gujarat, for his guidance, support, and identification of Pooja’s capabilities.

Pooja Mehta also competed in the Gujarat Power Lifting Championship, which was organised by Shri Inder Sing Gujar. Pooja received the Strongest Woman award for finishing first in the competition.

Later, Mr. Inder Singh Gujar chose Pooja Mehta based on her abilities and informed Shri. Daljit Singh, President of WPC India, that Pooja had also been chosen to participate from India.

There was no financial support from the Gujarat or Central governments for the selected candidates from our country in this World Powerlifting Championship.

Pooja’s parents, as well as the following well-known and respected dignitaries, provided support and confidence.

  1. Ravibhai Sanghi, Sir (CMD)
  2. Shri. Alokbhai Sanghi Sir (Director) of Sanghi Industries Ltd, a leading cement manufacturer
  3. Shri. Shaileshbhai Bhandari Sir, Managing Director of Electrotherm India Limited, the world’s largest manufacturer of induction melting furnaces.

Pooja Mehta is grateful for their encouragement and belief in her.

It should also be noted that the following three Indian candidates competed in this global competition.

Shaktisinh Solanki is the first name.

Dushyant Goswami is number two.

3rd. Vishal Thakkar

All three candidates received Gold Medals and trophies for Best Team India.