“Rabia And Olivia,” a critically acclaimed Hinglish film, will premiere on Disney Plus on February 24

Young Indian-origin Canadian Yousef Sheikh has joined Bollywood's new-age content creators


Mumbai :Disney and Hotstar will release “Rabia And Olivia,” starring Sheeba Chadha, Nayab Khan, and Henlena Prinzen. Synchron Entertainment produced and directed Rabia and Olivia On February 24, 2023. The film’s title—”Rabia And Olivia”—made headlines. It is an emotional musical human drama shot in Canada, Saudi Arabia, and India in English and Hindi (Hinglish). Shadab Khan, who directed BA Pass 2 and the acclaimed X OR Y, wrote the film’s story.

Young Indian-origin Canadian Yousef Sheikh has joined Bollywood’s new-age content creators. This tech and construction entrepreneur is successful. Sheikh’s company has been in Canada, Saudi Arabia, and India for 15 years.

Tamara Gazzaz, a Saudi media businesswoman known for her “Well-Being” approach to child psychology, co-produced the film with Yousef Sheikh. Saudi women’s empowerment activist Zeba Javed. Saudi Arabia’s Women Empowerment Ambassador and associate producer Zeba contributed to the film’s theme. The film is a human drama about women empowerment, better parenting, youth illegally migrating to western countries for better lives and jobs, and post-covid mental health issues.

In the film, Sheba Chadha, Nayab Khan, and HELENA PRINZEN KLAGUE play key roles.

Rabia, a 25-year-old Indian Muslim girl, seeks refugee status in Canada illegally. Rabia lost her father in an Indian accident at a young age. Nine-year-old Canadian Olivia lives with her father after her mother died of cancer. Olivia has night terrors. Rabia cares for Olivia because she believes “Love is more powerful than medicines” and is desperate for work. Eastern and western cultures blend in the story.