Raaju Bonagaani’s “Rave Party” set for August Release

Rave parties are celebrated in places like Udupi, Goa and Bangalore


New Delhi: The film “Rave Party” is developing a richly varied plot. The film, directed by Raaju Bonagaani and produced by Bonagaani Entertainments, has wrapped principal photography and moved into post-production. The movie will hit cinemas in August, according to the producers.

The filming of Rave Party, which has an ensemble cast including Krish Siddipalli, Ritika Chakraborty, Aishwarya Gowdaa, Suchandra Prasad, and Tarak Ponnappa, was finished in a just 35 days and took place in a number of different cities including Mysore, Udupi, Bangalore, and Mangalore.

Rave Party will be a pan-Indian film, with versions coming out in Kannada, Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, and Malayalam. This film features Aishwarya Gowdaa for the first time in a leading role.

Following the completion of the shooting, director Raaju Bonagaani said that he was happy to complete the movie in about 35 days, just one schedule. “On this occasion, I would like to thank the actors and technicians who helped to complete the film on the same schedule within the deadline. The post-production work is currently underway. Usually, Rave parties are celebrated in places like Udupi, Goa and Bangalore. So to give it a fresh and lively look, the movie was shot in these picturesque locations. And how do the rave parties begin? Who is involved in these so-called rave parties? And what damage a rave party causes to the youth is clearly shown in this film. I am sure the content of the film will be liked by the youth. Currently, the post-production work is in full swing. Preparations are being made to release the film in August,” the director said.


Kriah Siddipalli.

Rittika Chakraborty.

Aishwarya Gowdaa

Suchendra prasad.

Tarak Ponnaappa.

Technical team:-

DOP:-Venkat Mannam.


Dilip Bandari.

ART DIRECTOR:-Venkat Aare.

EDITOR:- Ravi Kumar K.

CO-DIRECTOR:- Nagaraju D.




Writen & Director By Raaju Bonagaani

Producer-Raaju Bonagaani.

Co-producers- Jayaram D R, Narayanaswamy S, Laxmikanth N R, Seetarama Raju G S