Prabhjot Virmani’s latest song ‘Nain Tequile’ becomes a smashing hit

The 17-year-singing old's career began with the hit single "2 Piece," and she has since released the hits "Range Balliye" and "Chann Ve


Mumbai (Maharashtra) : The entertainment industry seems like a welcoming place for newcomers. Entry may be uncomplicated, but staying afloat in a cutthroat market is where the rubber meets the road. Particularly in the music industry, fierce competition has arisen due to the plethora of artists in recent years. However, Prabhjot Virmani has established himself as a talented singer in India.

The singer is back with a brand new music video for the song “Nain Tequile,” which is already a huge hit. The 17-year-singing old’s career began with the hit single “2 Piece,” and she has since released the hits “Range Balliye” and “Chann Ve.” Since its release, “Nain Tequile” has been predicted to become extremely popular in nightclubs and bars alike.

You can check out Ankit Bathla and Swati Shaarma in Prabhjot’s latest offering. The party number’s catchy tunes have won over the audience, and it’s been fun to watch the sizzling chemistry between Ankit and Swati. It’s amazing that original songs are gaining popularity in this age of cover versions.

Watch Prabjot’s ‘Nain Tequile’ here:

Early support from the music community helped Prabhjot to rise to prominence. In addition, he claims, “Just getting started on my journey. As a musician, you can always improve and learn new things. In the future, people will experience many thrilling events.” As Prabhjot makes a name for himself, he releases a variety of great tunes all through the year.

Dheeraj Virmani produced all of Prabhjot’s previous releases in addition to ‘Nain Tequile. His music was also made available on the Platear Studios YouTube channel. Due to the overwhelming positive response to “Nain Tequile,” the singer has reached new heights. The movie is directed by Dinesh Sudarshan Soi, and his casting team, Team DS CreationsTM, is responsible for the song’s selection of performers.

In addition to this, other songs by Prabhjot are currently in production and will be made available to the public in the near future. The singer did not want to talk to us very much about his future plans when we asked him about them. “We are currently in the planning stages. I’ll let everyone know about my upcoming music as soon as I can confirm it all “that’s what he said. Fans can get their groove on to ‘Nain Tequile’ until he announces his next projects.