Naim Shaikh also known as TheRealSrk

Naim Shaikh transitions from an influencer to an actor in the South Indian film industry and OTT


Mumbai : Online social media is today’s virtual marketplace and location. A strong social media presence is required for anyone who wishes to build their business swiftly. Today’s celebrities are social media influencers. Because they have the ability to affect clients’ behaviour patterns, small and large businesses reach out to them to market their products and services.

Here we have Naim Shaikh, who is preparing to enter the film industry. Naim Shaikh, also known as @therealsrk, is a Mumbai-based social media actor. A 20-year-old social media sensation and actor from Mumbai, he was born and nurtured in the city. He has approximately 300k lakh followers on Instagram.

He attended Hume high school for his basic and secondary schooling, as well as New habib high school College in Dongri for his college studies.Naim Shaikh worked as a baker and dreamed of building a name for himself on social media sites like YouTube and Instagram.

People from all across the country look up to him as an inspiration because he is so good at what he does.

His Instagram accounts are full of modeling photographs and videos, and his YouTube channel has roughly 1.1k subscribers.

Naim Shaikh’s path to this point, however, was not without difficulties. He’s experienced his share of misfortunes. He is from a working-class household condition and ensuring that Naim and his siblings receive an condition early on and began working. His father instilled in him a strong sense of self-respect and dignity.Naim desire motivated him to work hard from a young age to elevate his family out of poverty and establish a better life for himself.

He is working on a South Indian film and a web series, which will undoubtedly be a success.