Moutusi Sardar (Yashila) makes it big in the music and entertainment industry

She has appeared as Yashila in a number of films, serials, and music albums


Kolkata : Indian film and fashion star Moutusi Sardar was born in Kolkata. She has appeared as Yashila in a number of films, serials, and music albums, earning her a large fan base in India. On the other hand, she has been the public face of a great many different brands in Kolkata, making her the city’s most recognisable person and opening up countless doors for her.

Artistically, Moutusi Sardar is a genius. She is a master of bringing out the best in people with her dazzling beauty. She has an admirable demeanour, which is why she is able to model for well-known American companies. She is admired by many young models and actors who hope to follow in her footsteps. Her charisma is a reflection of her unique abilities as a presenter and her devotion to the arts of modelling and acting.

It’s been over two years since Moutusi Sardar first started making a name for herself in the acting world. Her background as a theatre artist has undoubtedly contributed to her present-day success, as has her ability to captivate an audience with her dramatic acting and graceful dancing. First appearing on Colours TV’s “Sasurbari Zindabad,” a Bengali drama, this was her first acting gig. She also jumped at the chance to work for India’s most prestigious television network, Zee Bangla Star.

She didn’t leave any stone unturned in her pursuit of modelling success amidst her ongoing and fruitful presence in the entertainment industry. City Mart, Style Bazaar, DM Dress, Daughter, Bimal Saree Centre, Anjushree, Monotel, Aroma Youth, Keya Seth Exclusive, and Siddheshwari Bastalai are just some of the major labels she has collaborated with throughout her career.

To her great fortune, she has been cast in a number of the most watched Hindi and Bengali music videos of the current era. She has collaborated with a slew of phenomenal artists, including Udit Narayan, Kumar Sanu, and Anwessha. YouTube and Z Music are two of the most popular streaming services in India where you can find her music videos.

“As an actor, I have always appreciated the role given to me. As a good actor, it is my job to fulfill this role’s unique characteristics and responsibilities. If this does not happen naturally, I would rather decide to quit than do something I am not meant for,” says the prominent actor and model from Kolkata, Moutusi Sardar.

Moutusi Sardar has achieved enormous accolades for her acting appearances in “Hiroko Gorer Hire” and “Saving Account” movies available on Zee 5 platform. One of her most recently released theatre movies includes “LSD” which received an incredible response from audiences who fell in love with her role in the movie. In the upcoming film, “Bhorer Alo” she will be playing the lead heroine. We wish her all the best and hope to see her shine on the big screen once again in the days to come.

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