Lok Sabha Election Gujarat : Tribal Leader Chhotu Vasava announces his Son’s Candidacy in Bharuch Lok Sabha Seat

The electoral contest in Bharuch assumes added significance with the emergence of various contenders vying for the coveted seat in the upcoming Lok Sabha Election in Gujarat


Bharuch : The political landscape in Gujarat’s Bharuch Lok Sabha constituency is set to witness a compelling battle with the entry of heavyweight tribal leader Chhotu Vasava’s younger son, Dilip Vasava, into the electoral fray. In a significant development, Chhotu Vasava, aged 78, declared on Tuesday that Dilip Vasava will contest the upcoming Lok Sabha election from Bharuch as the candidate of the Bharat Adivasi Party (BAP), adding a new dimension to the electoral dynamics in the region.

Chhotu Vasava, a prominent figure in tribal politics, has been a dominant force in Gujarat’s political arena for decades. Having founded the Bharatiya Tribal Party (BTP) in 2017 after parting ways with the Janata Dal, he has served as a seven-term Member of the Legislative Assembly from the Jhagadia constituency since 1990. However, his political journey has recently witnessed familial rifts, with his elder son, Mahesh Vasava, opting to join the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) ahead of the Lok Sabha elections.

The electoral contest in Bharuch assumes added significance with the emergence of various contenders vying for the coveted seat. Chaitar Vasava, an Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) MLA from the Dediapada constituency, has emerged as the face of the I.N.D.I Alliance, adding further complexity to the political landscape. Meanwhile, the BJP has fielded Mansukh Vasava, the incumbent Member of Parliament from Bharuch, seeking to retain the seat.

Chhotu Vasava took to social media to announce Dilip Vasava’s candidacy, citing his son’s commitment to championing the cause of the tribal population in the region. He reiterated his party’s resolve to contest on all Scheduled Tribe (ST) seats in Gujarat, underscoring the BAP’s growing influence in tribal politics.

The Bharat Adivasi Party, established in 2023 in Rajasthan, has steadily gained momentum, securing victories in multiple assembly seats across different states. Chhotu Vasava’s recent decision to join the party further bolsters its credentials and sets the stage for an intriguing electoral battle in Bharuch.

As the political dynamics continue to evolve, all eyes are on the Bharuch Lok Sabha constituency, where Chhotu Vasava’s move to propel his son’s candidacy adds a new dimension to an already riveting electoral contest.