KoinBX Host Its First Ever Gala Koin Crypto Meet 2023 in Mumbai, India

KoinBX Calls in the Indian Community For the Ultimate Crypto Gala in Mumbai


Mumbai: KoinBX, India’s premier cryptocurrency exchange, has announced the dates for Koin Crypto Meet 2023. On July 7, the thriving crypto community will convene in one of India’s most populous cities for the first iteration of this spectacular event.

Participants at the KoinBX Crypto Meet 2023 will include VCs, investors, traders, developers, media outlets, and fans of Web3. In other words, from 7-11 PM local time, all ‘cryptophiles’ (slang for cryptocurrency enthusiasts) would congregate at Mumbai’s Hotel Sahara Star.

It’s worth mentioning that KoinBX is teaming up with Rimaunangis, a promising cryptocurrency initiative that is poised to disrupt the food supply chain and lifestyle industries, to launch this cryptocurrency gathering. The gala intends to become the go-to place for exchanging information and making connections among India’s active crypto community.

KoinBX Crypto Meet 2023 Mumbai maintains a comprehensive programme, delving into the state of the crypto and Web3 industries as well as their prospects for the future. Surprisingly, “The Bitcoin Man,” OG investor and counsellor to the crypto movement Herbert Rafael Sim, is joining us for the evening. On Friday, KoinBX and Rimaunangis will host a crypto gala, and TheNewsCrypto, a crypto media source based in Dubai, will be there as the event’s official media partner.

The organizers recommend attendees reserve their slots for free. To take part in the event, register here
About KoinBX

KoinBX is a global crypto exchange that stands as the most-suited platform for traders of every level to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies. By registering its trademark in the European Union, KoinBX signifies its plans to bolster its user base and its global reach. The exchange carries the prime mission of boosting the recognition of deserving crypto projects.

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About Rimaunangis

Rimaunangis is the next-gen crypto project that merges the food chain & lifestyle industry with blockchain technology. Developed by Rimaunangis Digital LLC, the project is currently blazing a unique trail in content streaming, art, and fashion. This NFT and metaverse-centric ecosystem is powered by its native cryptocurrency RXT token.

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