Indian Star cricketer will get world’s first ‘Natural Diamond Cricket Bat with the Skin’ from Surat fan

Surat-based Diamond Tech Company Introduces Breakthrough and revolutionary Technique to Spot the Natural Diamonds


Surat : A Surat-based diamond Tech company has introduced a truly unique way of distinguishing between natural and synthetic Lab Grown diamonds using a specially crafted “Diamond Cricket Bat.”

This innovative creation features a 1.04-carat natural diamond, strategically polished to maintain the diamond’s ‘Skin’ on the handle and chest. This unprecedented technique enables even a layman not at all expert in diamonds  to recognize the authenticity of a natural diamond, setting a new benchmark in diamond detection technology.

The ‘Natural Diamond Cricket Bat’ marks the convergence of precision craftsmanship, advanced diamond technology, and the world of cricket. Designed to be gifted to a distinguished Indian cricketer by a devoted fan from Surat, the bat encapsulates a significant advancement in diamond authentication.

Utpal Mistry, Director of the Lexus-Technomist Group, emphasized the pivotal role of the ‘Skin’ in distinguishing natural diamonds from lab-grown counterparts. The ‘Natural Skin’ refers to the evidence or proof of a diamond’s authenticity, tracing its journey from the rough diamond stage to the final polished form. By leaving a portion of the diamond’s original skin intact on the handle and chest of the bat, the company has provided a tangible method for a layman to differentiate between natural and synthetic diamonds.

Utpal Mistry Director Lexus-Technomist Group Surat Diamond cricket Bat

Mistry elaborated, “This cricket bat, embedded with a 1.04-carat natural diamond, is a world-first. While we’ve polished the bat from various angles, we’ve deliberately retained the diamond’s skin in strategic areas. This skin serves as evidence of authenticity and sets the ‘Diamond Bat’ apart as an unparalleled creation.”

The emergence of lab-grown diamonds (LGDs) gained momentum globally, particularly among consumers in the United States, during the post-coronavirus period. However, the prices of LGDs have witnessed a significant decline over the past year, in stark contrast to the remarkable surge in prices of natural or real diamonds.

“Natural diamond is rare and  can only form under the earth’s crust and it is costly. On the contrary, LGDs are made in the machine and there is no material rarity in it. However, the prices of LGDs are on the decline worldwide” said Mistry.

The innovative ‘Diamond Skin’ technique introduces a revolutionary dimension to diamond authentication. With the skin serving as tangible evidence of authenticity, it allows individuals to assess whether a diamond is natural or synthetic ( Lab grown ) with their bare backed eyes. This technique, a world-first, underscores the company’s commitment to harnessing technology and craftsmanship to redefine diamond authentication standards.