How to choose perfect debit card in India

Looking for the best debit card for your lifestyle? You found it! You may choose the finest debit card in India from a variety of possibilities. Prepare to learn about debit cards and their subtypes here!


New Delhi : These days, a debit card is standard issue with most savings bank account. It has a number of benefits that you may or may not find appealing. It’s common knowledge that debit cards streamline and simplify monetary dealings. But picking the right debit card out of the many options may make a huge difference. It helps you avoid wasteful spending and provides you with valuable perks in exchange for your loyalty.

In India, you may choose from a number of different debit card options. So that you can choose the best one, let’s have a look at what they are and compare their qualities.

Varieties of Indian Debit Cards


– Visa, Mastercard and RuPay debit cards

There are many different types of debit cards in India, out of which Visa and Mastercard are the most popular types of debit cards you will find.

Visa is one of the most popular payment networks in the world, making it one of the best debit cards in India. It is globally accepted and comes with several advantages.

– RuPay debit card

The RuPay debit card is an indigenous payment network from India. It is widely accepted across India and offers amazing rewards and discounts.


IDFC FIRST Bank Debit Cards

IDFC FIRST Bank offers different types of debit cards that do much more than just transactions. With these debit cards, you get exclusive rewards and access to benefits like insurance coverage, setting your own limit on your debit card usage, setting limits for minor’s bank accounts, and much more.

Let’s start with the premium debit cards offered by IDFC FIRST Bank.



There are many types of debit cards in India, but this surpasses others, especially if you travel often or are looking for a top-notch premium experience.

– This is a metal card, and it comes with a daily purchase limit of Rs 15 lakhs and a daily ATM withdrawal limit of up to 10 lakhs

– Access to domestic airport lounges four times per quarter (along with a companion) and access to international airport lounges six times per quarter

– Golf access once a month

– Roadside assistance

– Complimentary insurance coverage*

– 24X7 seamless concierge service

– Receive incredible offers on lifestyle, shopping, and dining


FIRST Wealth Debit Card

Amongst all types of debit cards, this is the one for you if you are a shopper and looking for a premium experience.

– Daily purchase limit of Rs 12 lakhs and daily ATM withdrawal limit of up to 7 lakhs

– Lounge access in domestic airports thrice a quarter (along with a companion) and twice a quarter in international airports

– Complimentary insurance coverage*

– Roadside assistance

– Golf access per month

– Receive 24X7 concierge service


FIRST Select Debit Card

This is the card if you like luxury and want to treat yourself or your friends every once in a while.

– Daily purchase limit of Rs 10 lakhs and daily ATM withdrawal limit of up to 5 lakhs

– Get lounge access with a companion at domestic airports two times per calendar quarter (along with a companion)

– Complimentary insurance coverage*

– Roadside assistance

– Get attractive offers on lifestyle and dining


If you are looking for a regular debit card with benefits or a beginner debit card, you can also choose other debit cards from IDFC FIRST Bank.


Visa Platinum Debit Card

– Daily Purchase of up to Rs 6 lakhs and daily ATM withdrawal limit of up to Rs 2 lakhs

– Access to domestic airport lounges once a quarter

– Insurance coverage*

– Avail discounts related to health, education, travel shopping and more


Visa Classic Debit Card

– Daily Purchase limit of up to Rs 4 lakhs and daily ATM withdrawal limit of up to Rs 1 lakh

– Insurance coverage

– Avail discounts and offers on leisure, lifestyle, travel, and more


RuPay Platinum Debit Card

– Daily purchases up to Rs 1 lakh and daily ATM withdrawal limit of up to Rs 50,000

– Insurance coverage

– Lounge access to domestic airports once every six months

– Get attractive offers on food, entertainment and more


RuPay Classic Debit Card

– Daily purchases up to Rs 1 lakh and ATM withdrawal limit of up to Rs 40,000

– Attractive discounts and offers on food, entertainment, etc.


To sum up

A debit card helps you make everyday transactions convenient and keeps your spending in check. With different types of debit cards at your disposal, you can relax and enjoy the convenience they have to offer. Understand all the terms of a debit card before choosing, such as insurance coverage, transaction limits, etc. and assess all the benefits carefully.

With IDFC FIRST Bank Debit Cards, you get a plethora of benefits in one place. You also receive seasonal benefits, discounts and offers on brands like Swiggy, Bookmyshow, Yatra, Myntra and many more. IDFC FIRST Bank Debit Card offers updated discounts and rewards to its customers almost every month. How about checking your favourite debit card today?