How is Empowering India’s Growing Freelance Economy

According to Niti Aayog's research, the number of people working as freelancers or on platform businesses in India is expected to skyrocket to 23.5 million by 2029–30.


New Delhi : stands out as a rare exception in a market crowded with freelancing platforms that prioritise the demands of customers above those of freelancers. is a platform tailored specifically to the needs of freelancers in an era where the gig economy is becoming the norm rather than the exception, with an emphasis on addressing issues like exorbitant commissions and disjointed professional portfolios.

According to Niti Aayog’s research, the number of people working as freelancers or on platform businesses in India is expected to skyrocket to 23.5 million by 2029–30. Intriguingly, 47% of these individuals are now working in medium-skilled occupations, and 22% in high-skilled occupations. These numbers highlight the critical importance of a platform like that caters to freelancers with a wide variety of expertise.’s commission-free business strategy is one of its most alluring aspects. is a financial bonanza for freelancers since, unlike other platforms, it does not take a cut of their earnings to operate. This is more than just an added perk; it is a sea change that will enable freelancers to retain all of the money they make without having to pay any fees to the platform.

Freelancing websites of old serve mostly as job boards. A Blume research, however, calls attention to the difficulty of matching and discovering suitable gig jobs for white-collar gig workers. In response, takes a proactive attitude by connecting independent contractors with four new experts in their industry on a daily basis. This not only helps freelancers meet new people in their field, but it also provides a novel approach to discover new partnerships and possibilities that would not surface on a normal job board.

Freelancers also have to contend with the additional difficulty of establishing their expertise and reliability in a labour market saturated with competitors. solves this problem by facilitating the creation of in-depth online portfolios. Freelancers may publish detailed profiles that highlight their best qualities as professionals, complete with testimonials and endorsements.

Freelancers often work alone, without the support of a team and the guidance of an employer.’s community-focused approach helps close this gap. Freelancers may network, learn from experts, and work together on projects, all of which can greatly benefit their careers.

The Blume research identifies Finance and Business Management as the second most pressing concern. Sanchar is attempting to address this issue by providing freelancers with a unified platform for managing their finances and businesses.

The modern economy is seeing a remarkable shift towards freelancing and moonlighting, fueled by a desire for autonomy and diversified income streams. However, this often comes at the cost of professional isolation and an absence of conventional growth opportunities. In such a scenario, platforms like are more than just a convenience; they are becoming an essential infrastructure for career development.

Meet the Visionaries Behind

The platform owes its innovative approach to its founders, Sunil Panwar and Saurabh. Sunil, a young entrepreneur, has a rich background that includes a substantial YouTube following and the creation of apps with million-plus downloads. Co-founder Saurabh, hailing from Agra, UP, is a full-stack developer and brings hands-on coding experience to the table. Both founders have a deep-rooted understanding of the gig economy and have leveraged their experience to create a platform that serves freelancers genuinely.

Future Roadmap

The team at has ambitious plans to elevate the freelancing experience further. In the coming months, the platform will roll out a series of advanced features that include an AI-based portfolio builder designed to dynamically highlight a freelancer’s skills and accomplishments. Moreover, they are developing anonymity-based communities, a feature that will enable freelancers to openly discuss topics, seek advice, or share experiences without the constraints of professional scrutiny. Last but not least, monetization tools are on the horizon to provide freelancers with additional avenues to capitalize on their skills directly through the platform. stands as a comprehensive resource for freelancers, aiming to provide the support, financial freedom, and opportunities needed to thrive in this ever-changing economic landscape. It is more than a freelancing platform; it’s a freelancing ecosystem built for the modern world.