From IIT Bombay to Inventor Extraordinaire: The Remarkable Journey of Shubham Thakur

Shubham Thakur has been awarded seven patents for his innovations during the last decade, with two more expected by the year 2023


New Delhi : The path that Shubham Thakur has taken from IIT Bombay to thriving innovator is very extraordinary. He has the unusual capacity to foresee inventive solutions to highly relevant social issues from a young age, and he engineered his first invention in 2013 at the age of only 18.

Shubham Thakur has been awarded seven patents for his innovations during the last decade, with two more expected by the year 2023. His innovations may be found in fields as disparate as healthcare technology, home electronics, and cars. His innovations during the first phase of the Covid-19 epidemic earned him the United Kingdom-India Innovator’s grant in 2020 and the coveted CES award in the United States in 2019.

Besides being an inventor, Shubham Thakur is also a shrewd entrepreneur, being built multiple ventures up from scratch. Battling against the tide, Shubham built the Pune-based IoT startup TeslaAir, which raised seed funds from Indian and foreign angels in 2019 and also won multiple government grants.

Post TeslaAir, Shubham Thakur also became a part of a FoodTech corporation named Preppr, which ran through a mixed business model of BlueApron (USA) and Swiggy/Zomato (India).

While leading Preppr’s vision, Shubham and the team also got selected for and appeared on the television show Shark Tank India – Season 1 in early 2022, showcasing his products to reality show investors.

“For whatever I have been able to achieve today, I owe it all to my super supportive parents, my mentors, my few but true friends from the industry, and my partner,” says Shubham Thakur.

With his new inventions, he and his team are gunning up to disrupt the audio tech and consumer electronics space, with research backing from leading institutes in the country.

Shubham Thakur’s inventions have impacted society positively and improved people’s lives worldwide. When asked about his future creations, Shubham said, “The thought process is quite clear from Day-1; creating impactful innovation is less about hitting goals others can’t hit. It’s more about seeing the goals others can’t see. Impactful innovation is mostly based on coming up with deeper insights that tell you where the real gaps in the market are. In a society where innovation is nurtured, you start seeing a new bend of mind in society’s young entrepreneurial blood and the direction in which India has been heading for the past few years; I believe it’s time we retain good people who can contribute largely on solving India’s problems with their genius.”

The drive to make a good difference in the world is the “North Star” that guides Shubham Thakur’s life. His innovations not only address current issues but also foresee potential challenges to come, establishing him as a true visionary with a proven track record.

Shubham’s success is an example of what can be accomplished with imagination, effort, and resolve. Many people, especially young aspiring inventors, find inspiration in his story of how he went from studying at IIT Bombay to being an inventor of many award-winning items.

Shubham’s narrative teaches young aspirants about overcoming adversity, following one’s heart, and never giving up on a desire. His innovations might improve the lives of many individuals and the planet at large. We look forward to seeing what you have in store for us in the future, as we continue to build upon the foundation you have laid.