Fresca Juices Launches Fresca Gold Aam ka Ras

The worth of India's fruit drink and fruit juice industry is an astounding 15,000 crores.


New Delhi : Fresca Gold Aam ka Ras is the next game-changer from Fresca Juices, a brand that has become associated with revitalization and new ideas. We’ve made quite a splash in the hectic marketplaces of India with this incredible new product.

All the delicious flavour of Mango Alphonso pulp in a tempting 200ml aseptic pack for just Rs. 20/-. When it comes to mangoes, nobody does it better than Fresca Juices.

The worth of India’s fruit drink and fruit juice industry is an astounding 15,000 crores. We aren’t trying to be invisible; just the contrary. Fresca Gold Aam ka Ras is an innovator in the industry because it dares to be unique. Neither local nor national brands can compete with these prices for Aam Ras.

However, the contents of the package aren’t the only thing that matters. Their aseptic innovation is the first of its kind to be packaged in a colourful laminated carton. Holographic stamping adds a last magical touch, providing unprecedented levels of authenticity and protection.

Fresca Juices’ managing director Akhil Gupta made the following statement about Fresca Gold Aam ka Ras: “At Fresca Juices, our commitment is to deliver exceptional value to our customers while upholding the highest standards of quality and authenticity. It’s proof that we’re doing something right and that our customers like it.

Fresca Gold Aam ka Ras will soon be a household favourite from the regal Kashmir to the colourful Varanasi thanks to a distribution network that runs throughout northern states and more than 5 lakh retail locations. Fresca Juices isn’t simply releasing a new beverage; they’re revolutionising the whole Aam Ras market. They are increasing our revenue, but more importantly, we are increasing their worth by 100 crores.

Fresca Juices is on a mission to provide the highest quality and most genuine products at the best possible value. This dedication is personified by Fresca Gold Aam ka Ras, which provides an unmatched mango experience at an unbelievable price. It’s more than a product; it’s evidence of our commitment to progress and enjoyment.

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