Experience the Power of ‘SYSTUMM’: DG IMMORTALS’ Electrifying EP Redefines Haryanvi Music

The EP kicks off with a bang with the thrilling "Systumm," which also serves as a theme song


Mumbai : VYRL Haryanvi has announced the release of the first EP “SYSTUMM” by Kaleshi Chori’s DG IMMORTALS. A major turning point in DG IMMORTALS’ career, this EP demonstrates his own sound.

The EP kicks off with a bang with the thrilling “Systumm,” which also serves as a theme song. This energetic track is the sequel to the viral sensations “Kaleshi Chori,” “Bad Boys,” “50 Tola,” “Bad Guy,” and “Kaleshi Chori LoFi,” all of which were published earlier.

The name “Systumm” is based on an Internet acronym that became widely used by celebrities like YouTube star Elvish Yadav and his influential pals. The song represents the attributes of having powerful connections: power, affluence, and the ability to solve problems. It not only sums up what the term means but also represents in terms of social standing and solidarity among friends.

As two major figures from Haryana, Elvish Yadav and Pranjal Dahiya, join forces with Corrupt YouTuber and DG IMMORTALS to create an extraordinary music video, the anticipation for “Systumm” is high. The film has a cast of young, talented actors and actresses and a story that will strike a chord with its target demographic.

DG IMMORTALS is ecstatic about the publication of his first extended play (EP), stating as much: “I’m super excited about ‘SYSTUMM’!” I put everything I love about music onto this EP. It’s been a great adventure for me as an artist, since I’ve constantly pushed myself to try new things and found my own voice. My goal in releasing this EP is to introduce my fans to my music and take them on a trip through my life. I’m aiming for them to experience the spirit, relate to the songs’ backstories, and be motivated to go out and have their own adventures as a result.

Pranjal Dahiya said, “With this EP, I’m excited to share my first collaboration with the incredibly talented Elvish.” I can’t wait for our next urban/hip-hop collaboration with VYRL Haryanvi. I’ve had nothing but amazing times collaborating with DG Immortals. To be a part of the Systumm phenomena thrills and delights me.

There is no one else quite like DG IMMORTALS in the music industry right now. He pursues an intimate relationship with his listeners via his craft, which he expresses through stirring and profound music. DG IMMORTALS is about to create waves in the music business with the release of his first EP, SYSTUMM.

LINK – https://youtu.be/TCC36rTfhRw