Dr. Vivek Bindra’s Amazing 100-Day Fat to Fit Transformation: The Secrets to Physical Fitness and Well-being

After all, it's no easy achievement to spend the day at the workplace, come home exhausted, and then devote some time to the family before retiring for the night.


New Delhi : A healthy body houses a sound mind, as the old Roman proverb goes. But the truth is that most of us either don’t understand the saying’s significance or are too busy or too lazy to do anything about it.

Misconceptions about Being “Too Busy” Excuse

Too hectic, you say? In a word, yes. After all, it’s no easy achievement to spend the day at the workplace, come home exhausted, and then devote some time to the family before retiring for the night. In such a hectic routine, when does one find time to exercise? Do you really have 120 offices and 5,000 people to manage each day?  In spite of his busy schedule, one person has managed to do a full about-face and adopt a new, healthier, and more physically active way of life.

A Life-Changing Path: The Story of Dr. Vivek Bindra

In this case, we’re talking about Dr Vivek Bindra, Founder & CEO of Bada Business Pvt. Ltd., who understood early on the value of maintaining a healthy body and mind. When asked whether he was a business coach or a fitness coach, he said, “I entered into fitness only so that I can continue to be a Business Coach.”

The Three Keys to Successful Weight Loss

He set himself a goal that any average person would immediately dismiss as impossible. It was a “100 days transformation” challenge, and I’m not exaggerating when I tell that at age 40, Dr. Bindra shed roughly 30 kilogrammes. Unbelievable? Have faith.

Dr. Bindra remarked in one of his interviews, “Fat is dead while the muscle is living. Fat, muscle, and water are the three most crucial variables to bear in mind while you are attempting to reduce weight. Because I was made aware of the distinction, I was able to successfully drop weight without sacrificing muscle mass, and my current body fat percentage is just around 14%.

‘Life gets turned around by decisions and not discussions’ is one of the profound quotes by Dr Bindra that needs to be printed and put up on every wall of every corporation. He made a decision and stuck to it. Hence, the 100 days challenge!

Calorie Deficit and Weight Loss: The Numbers Game

Did you even know that every 7500-calorie deficit leads to a weight loss of 1 KG? Dr Bindra gave this and a whole lot of other insightful knowledge on his journey. Read along to find out more. “Essentially, if you manage to burn 2500 calories in a day and intake around 1500 calories, you end up burning 1000 calories in a day. Multiply it by the days of the week and month, and you end up losing around 4 KGs. “Consistency is the key,” Dr Bindra said.

Consistency and Prioritizing Exercise

If you have indeed firmly decided to lose weight, you need to work towards achieving it. “No matter how late I get free from my official and domestic chores, I go to my gym and work out for at least 45 minutes daily without fail,” Dr Bindra said. “10-12 calories burnt in a minute in a cardio exercise in the gym means around 600-700 burnt in those 45 minutes. That ultimately leads to improving my heart, lungs, kidney, and liver functions, while weight training leads to muscle building which is essential to maintain your metabolism.”

Alternatives to the Gym: Brisk Walking, Yoga, and Meditation

If you are really hesitant or lazy enough to not want to go to a gym, the best thing you can do is to brisk walk daily for at least an hour. That is the easiest and cheapest substitute for a gym workout.  One needs to do at least that in order to avoid the ugly situation of being dependent on others for the tiniest of things. Yoga and meditation help a great deal in maintaining good health too. Pranayam is a pretty good example of that. Inhale, hold, and exhale, chanting the spiritual mantra you believe in.

“While your diet plays a more important than exercise, do not, and I repeat, do not blindly trust the latest fads like the Keto diet that ask you to cut out on carbs and only consume fats. Every food element is equally important. Eat locally sourced and seasonal fruits and veggies,” is what Dr Bindra advises.

Portion Control and the Role of Fiber

Rationalize your portion size in what you eat at a time. That will vastly help you in reducing the number of calories you intake during the day. Always emphasize the food that has fiber oil or fiber water, like dried nuts and salads. Any food that has none of these is a simple carb that will only spike the insulin level leading to a disastrous result like permanent diabetes. Always try to consume Complex Carbohydrate foods because they are full of fiber that helps in maintaining the insulin level.

Carbohydrate and Proteins; most people get mixed up between the two. Dr Bindra has clarified that confusion for all of us by giving a simple mathematical formula. You need 10% of your body weight in the form of protein daily. We need all the elements like Protein, Carbs, and fat; one should know how to regulate each one of them.

Seeking Professional Guidance in Fitness

Never, ever try to have a free run in the gym soon as you enter it. Always consult a good and experienced coach or a trainer who understands your body type and advises accordingly. Trust your body to produce all the elements that it needs by itself. Don’t fall into the trap of unnecessary and unwanted external supplements that modern gyms and fitness centers offer.

Paying Attention to Your Body: The Importance of Medical Consultation

Most importantly, in the end, if you experience breathlessness during any of the cardio or other exercises…Stop Immediately. Consult a doctor and have a complete diagnosis.

We hope this article has inspired you enough to take your physical fitness seriously and work towards achieving it and maintaining it!