Discover the Future of Flooring with ZMARTBUILD Tap, Snap, and Transform!

ZMARTBUILD is one of Asia's most reputable manufacturers of high-quality construction supplies, and they've developed a revolutionary new flooring system called SPC Click Lock


New Delhi : The flooring in a room stands out from the rest of the decor and has a major impact on the overall feel and style of the room. It’s another detail you’ll want to give careful thought to, especially if you want it to complement the aesthetic of the room and the purpose for which it will be used. It is essential that you consider several alternatives, textures, and colours to complement the existing interior design.

ZMARTBUILD is one of Asia’s most reputable manufacturers of high-quality construction supplies, and they’ve developed a revolutionary new flooring system called SPC Click Lock. The firm has shown technology and experience in highly developed markets worldwide. The firm has earned a reputation for producing high-quality products at reasonable prices without sacrificing sustainability.

Stone Plastic Composite (SPC) Click Lock flooring comes in a wide variety of stylish, realistic wood-finish alternatives, available in a wide variety of colours, grains, and textures. The flooring can withstand moisture and has been shown to be antimicrobial and termite proof. The solution is ideal for your flooring because of the special locking feature that makes it simple to install.

ZMARTBUILD has created the Virtual Design Tool, an iOS and Android app that uses cutting-edge augmented reality technology to let you “see” the floor you want to have in your home before you commit to it. Simply snap a photo of your room (or another surface) and choose the SPC Click Lock flooring choice you’d like to see. In a flash, the area will have brand new digital flooring.  Before making a final decision, be sure you’re happy with how that area looks. It really is that easy!

The ‘One-stop-service’ that ZMARTBUILD provides includes expert installation. This guarantees a flawless installation in any setting (home, resort, hotel, restaurant, or business) of your choosing. With this solution, you can be certain that your floor will retain its pristine appearance for many years to come.

ZMARTBUILD is now in India and offers a range of construction materials for walling, flooring and ceiling. The company envisages offering cutting edge building materials to deliver high quality solutions in an eco-friendly manner to empower businesses to achieve sustainability through quicker construction and also offers expert installation services to ensure quality of finish and longevity. Services include site survey, customised design and system integration and installation services. All ZMARTBUILD products are available with several leading dealers in all major cities.

So, the next time you wish to check how a new floor tile would look in your living space, just download Zmartbuild’s Virtual Design Tool and… Snap. Tap. Wow! It’s that easy!

To experience the app and visualise a new floor, just Google ZMARTBUILD SPC now!