Dirty politics failed Kshatriya agitation in Gujarat : Rajput Mahila Karni Sena President

Padminiba Vala has condemned the Kshatriya Co-ordination Committee leaders for their internal politics, which she believes led to the failure of Kshatriya agitation in Gujarat


RAJKOT,GUJARAT : The president of Rajput Mahila Karni Sena, Padminiba Vala, has voiced strong criticism against the Kshatriya Co-ordination Committee leaders, blaming them for the failure of the Kshatriya agitation in response to controversial remarks made by Union Minister Parshottam Rupala. Vala’s comments come in the aftermath of the recent Lok Sabha elections, where despite the agitation, Rupala secured a decisive victory in Rajkot.

Kshatriya Agitation Falls Flat

Padminiba Vala has condemned the Kshatriya Co-ordination Committee leaders for their internal politics, which she believes led to the agitation’s failure. “This is the failure of the Kshatriya community,” Vala stated. “The coordination committee did politics, and there has been such a big defeat. If the movement had been on the right path, we would have won.”

Vala’s remarks highlight her dissatisfaction with the way the agitation was managed, suggesting that the leaders were more focused on their political games than on genuinely representing the community’s interests. This internal discord, according to Vala, resulted in a lackluster response from Kshatriya voters during the elections.

BJP’s Dominant Performance

Despite the controversy, the BJP demonstrated a strong performance in Gujarat, winning 25 out of 26 Lok Sabha seats. However, Vala pointed out that several victories were achieved with narrower margins, indicating potential vulnerabilities. Specifically, in Rajkot, where Parshottam Rupala was the BJP candidate, the anticipated backlash from Kshatriya voters did not materialize.

Election Results in Rajkot

Union Minister Parshottam Rupala contested the Rajkot seat and emerged victorious with a substantial margin. Rupala secured 857,984 votes against Congress candidate Paresh Dhanani, who garnered 373,724 votes, resulting in Rupala winning by a margin of 484,260 votes. This significant victory margin came despite the controversy surrounding Rupala’s remarks and the agitation led by the Kshatriya community.

Future of Kshatriya Youth in Politics

Looking ahead, Padminiba Vala emphasized the importance of involving the youth of the Kshatriya community in politics. She mentioned that through the National Kshatriya Sena, efforts will be made to consider the political careers of young Kshatriya members who have aligned with the BJP. Vala stressed the need for discussions to chart a path forward, ensuring that the youth can contribute positively to the community and the political landscape.