Dip Patel reflects on his role as Anuj in “Ladies Special Season 2”

Ladies Special Director Kaushik Ghatak's gentle guidance after each scene left a mark on Dip Patel, and he became a mentor


When Dip received the call to join “Ladies Special,” he was thrilled. The first season had already rocked the charts with its high TRP ratings. Meeting the cast on the first day of shooting amplified his excitement. Working with Sony Television was a dream come true for him.

Filming in Mumbai was a whirlwind of emotions, especially with scenes set in hospitals and weddings during the festive season leading up to Diwali and New Year. The energy on set was infectious, and meeting his co-star and mentor, Ojas Rawal, was a highlight. Their shared jokes brought laughter that filled the set.

Every lunch break was a chance to bond with the cast and crew, creating memories to cherish. Director Kaushik Ghatak’s gentle guidance after each scene left a mark on Dip, and he became a mentor Dip deeply admired. Dip misses working with him and hopes for future collaborations.

Being part of “Ladies Special” felt like a major milestone for Dip. Producer Vipul D Shah’s efforts to promote the show across Mumbai, from banners on buses to metro stations, showcased the scale of the opportunity. Seeing these banners filled Dip with pride and gratitude.

Sharing these moments on Instagram led to an outpouring of messages from friends and fans, making Dip feel like he was living a dream.