DIGIVARSITY by TeamLease EdTech Partners with PMaps to Train Talent

Digivarsity raises the bar for higher education with its innovative approach to integrating theoretical understanding with practical application.


New Delhi : PMaps, the industry standard in psychometric testing, has formed a strategic alliance with Digivarsity by TeamLease EdTech, the market leader in education and career development services in India.  Together with TeamLease EdTech’s Digivarsity -India’s First AI-powered Work-Integrated Degree and Career Discovery Platform- we’ll be able to guide students and young professionals along promising career routes and increase their chances of finding gainful employment. Through this partnership, we want to improve higher education by providing students with the tools they need to succeed in the long run and by fostering the next generation of talented workers the economy needs to thrive.

Digivarsity raises the bar for higher education with its innovative approach to integrating theoretical understanding with practical application. It changes the future by giving kids the tools they need to have successful careers for the long haul. The psychometric assessments provided by PMaps are an additional tool that helps Digivarsity students better understand themselves and their potential for success in a variety of academic and professional settings.

Through internships and cooperative learning, this alliance helps students become ready for the job. Digivarsity guides students through progressive academic and professional pathways, developing a relevant talent stream for many industries.

CEO and founder of Teamlease EdTech, Shantanu Rooj, has the same optimism and goal, saying, “In partnership with PMaps, we use their aptitude tests to help students make the best possible career choices.” Digivarsity’s AI-driven model individualises instruction based on a student’s geographic location, their hobbies, and their level of ability. We connect schools with internship and apprenticeship programmes by using aptitude tests and video resumes to evaluate candidates more thoroughly. Co-founder of PMaps, Saurabh Rana, had a similar takeaway from working with TeamLease EdTech on Digivarsity: “Working with TeamLease EdTech has been a terrific experience. I’m happy that we were able to make use of your knowledge of career assessments in the field of online education and training.

About TeamLease EdTech: TeamLease EdTech is India’s leading  Learning and Employability solution company. It helps universities launch, run and manage their own Online/ODL Programs, improve the employability of their students through its apprenticeship programs and helps Corporations build talent supply chains along with improving employee productivity. Through its cloud-hosted, mobile-first, managed services platform, TL Edtech provides a wide range of services – enrollment, learning, upskilling, apprenticeships, student support and assessment – helping learners improve access and learning outcomes. TeamLease EdTech has exclusive partnerships with 55 of India’s largest Universities across 16 Indian states, and it trains 5.5 Lakh students on its platform through 9 Indian languages, works with 900 corporates in their upskilling/skilling initiatives and manages over 200 degree, diploma, certificate programs.

About PMaps: It is an HR Tech platform to improve hiring outcomes for mass recruiters. Unlike Text assessment, the platform offers visual assessment, which is quick, fast, and language agnostic. The assessments are especially tailored to Gen-Z candidates. Backed by a leading social science institute, the platform measures workplace competencies across more than 400 jobs with a scientific accuracy upwards of 78%.

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