Chintal Khatke releases his debut song ‘Drunk and High’


New Delhi (India): Chintal Khatke, a music composer has released his debut number ‘Drunk and High’.

Music transcends age, language, and cultural barriers to unite people of all backgrounds. However, few people have mastered both its use and comprehension. Among the select few who can both appreciate and create music, Chintal Khatke is a valuable member of this group. The devoted musician and composer had previously collaborated with a number of other artists, but with the release of his single “Drunk and High,” he was finally able to stand on his own two feet.

Chintal revealed that the inspiration for the song came to him on a typical night in 2021. I was out with some friends drinking one time and decided to give one of my exes a call to catch up. This is such a universal emotion that it inspired me to put it into song. He continues, “The hook kept running through my head, so I went to the studio to record it.” I was going through a funk and disco phase at the time, so rather than writing a sad song, I opted for something upbeat and danceable. It was important to me to make a contribution to mainstream culture. I carefully researched the style, then created six distinct takes of the song to determine which one worked best. My older brother, the filmmaker Rohil Khatke, and I shot the music video for the song at the end of 2021. After having Puneet Samtani, who has worked with a slew of A-list artists, mix my song, I had the finished product mastered at the studio that has become legendary. London’s Abbey Road Studios.”

Khatke, who is a multi-instrumentalist, recalls that he began playing his first instrument, the piano when he was eight years old. “The first song I learned to finish was ‘We are the world – Michael Jackson, ’ a song that shows collaboration between many artists for a great cause. Curious to know new piano techniques, I started improvising my own versions of songs and began exploring new cultures of music from various genres. Around this time, my mother started her own film academy ‘Cine Academy’ in Nagpur, where we had a recording studio and courses related sound engineering and music production. I used to sit down with the teacher and learn recording instruments in Pro Tools. This is where I started participating in music production and starting composing and recording my first demos.”

Over the span of his career, the young music composer has worked with several acclaimed artists such as A.R. Rahman, Salim Merchant and Amit Trivedi, among others. It would be a treat to know what else he has packed in for his fans after his latest single.