BollyBeats® – Asia’s Most Popular Fitness Cardio Dance Workouts

The leading Bollywood-based fitness training programme in Asia, BOLLYBEATS®, was developed by elite dancers and trainers from around the globe.


Bengaluru : BollyBeats® is the world’s first and only Bollywood-inspired dance fitness programme, and it features simple-to-follow dance routines set to today’s most popular music from around the world. BollyBeats® is excited to share the news that it will continue to offer the best cardio dance workouts and training programmes to its global clientele.

The leading Bollywood-based fitness training programme in Asia, BOLLYBEATS®, was developed by elite dancers and trainers from around the globe. The company’s products are meant to increase one’s toughness, stamina, and mobility. BollyBeats Fitness® and MixTapeTM are two of the company’s programmes designed to make working out and losing weight a lot more enjoyable. BollyBeats® has received widespread acclaim for its groundbreaking fitness and training programmes, which it has introduced to countries all over the world including Singapore, Dubai, Canada, the United States, and the United States of America.

Choreographies on BollyBeats are animations, not live performances. Mr. Rohit Saud, the man of BollyBeats®, says that the workouts are exciting and engaging since they feature simple dance routines that everyone can follow.

Class time in BOLLYBEATS® FITNESS lasts for a solid hour and a half. Bollywood, bhangra, and other worldwide and regional hits from India will be played during this class. Participants will receive a total-body workout throughout the hour-long programme, which will comprise of specially designed bodyweight exercises.

BollyBeats® is a popular choice among thousands of fitness enthusiasts throughout the world because to its goal of improving participants’ fitness levels through challenging full-body dancing routines. Mr. Karthikeyan Krishnan, CEO of BollyBeats®, says, “The company is focused on building strong connections with the best fitness professionals and Bollywood choreographers for drafting its programme in order to provide its dance programme participants with the best fitness exercise possible.”

MixTapeTM Fitness Party, a subsidiary product of BollyBeats®, has increased the company’s popularity tenfold among fitness and dance fans across the world. This unique dancing show features high-intensity interval training and exclusive dance music mixes designed to get your heart rate up. The music on the MIXTAPETM DANCE PARTY, which ranges from Bollywood to regional and global mixes, is perfect for celebrations of all kinds, not just dance fitness courses.

The global ambassador of MIXTAPE™, Mr. Jegatha, says, “The hottest music from around the world is incorporated into the ultimate inspirational dance fitness program, MixTape™. In this dance entertainment program, you’ll find pure cardio exercises and a mix of exclusive music sources from the best in the industry.”

The Bengaluru, Karnataka-based dance and cardio fitness training programs, BollyBeats® and MixTape™ Fitness Party, have quickly become the top-rated fitness training programs in Asia. The growing popularity does come with a lot of responsibility for the brand to maintain its reputation and clientele. And, until now, they have been successful in bringing up something new, exclusive, and innovative to stay true to their mission. In the long run, we see them expanding to the global community of fitness enthusiasts through the best possible mediums to achieve inevitable success.