Billboard artist and composer EDWARD MAYA grants Adventure Global Talent his worldwide management rights

Akshat Mudbidri, the founder and director of AGT, becomes the first Indian person to manage a global artist


New Delhi : Edward Maya, a popular composer and DJ in Europe, has given his global management rights to the Indian company Adventure Global Talent (AGT).

With this deal, Akshat Mudbidri, the founder and director of AGT, becomes the first Indian person to manage a global artist. He will be in charge of Maya’s live music, film, merchandising, and other commercial ventures across the world.

Romanian composer and record producer Mayavin Records is branching out into more popular genres with Mudbidri in India and worldwide markets. His previous hits include STEREO LOVE, DESERT RAIN, and THIS IS MY LIFE.

Mudbidri, headquartered in India’s entertainment centre of Mumbai, has been successfully promoting the careers of various worldwide music stars, including Maya, for over 12 years. Mudbidri brings specialised knowledge to the table through curating one-off musical endeavours, working in tandem with record companies, and advocating for the careers of musicians who work across genres.

Maya says of working with Mudbidri, “I share a heartwarming rapport with Akshat, who I call ‘brother.'” This unique partnership, nurtured over the course of ten years, is held together by trust, professionalism, and Akshat’s keen insight into the music industry. As a result, giving him authority over my international operations was a breeze. Akshat is familiar with the music and the expectations of Maya’s global fanbase since he is a skilled tabla musician himself.

The very successful Indian film business is one of the many places where we are working together on global music labels. With a grin on her face, Maya says, “And sure, we have larger and more exciting things coming up for listeners of my music.

“Edward is a multitalented maestro,” Mudbidri says of the collaborator, “who plays the accordion, flute, piano, and panpipe and sings and composes new music that is timeless.” Still a crowd favourite at all of his gigs, STEREO LOVE has aged gracefully. Together, we want to experience everything that the exciting worlds of music and business have to offer, and he has a massive fan following all around the globe, especially in India.

Presently, Maya and Mudbidri are busy lining up a couple of film music projects in India, as well as live music and independent music label collaborations in the US, Latin America, and Europe.