Bharuch police arrest attacker of Jain Monks on Tham-Derol Highway

The Jain monks, six in total, were traveling from Shrimali Jain temple in Bharuch to Derol were attacked by Altaf Sheikh


BHARUCH, GUJARAT : Bharuch Police have apprehended Altaf Hussain Sheikh for the brutal assault on a group of Jain lady monks who were walking on the Tham-Derol highway. The incident took place 11 km away from Bharuch near Derol Patiya, where Altaf chased and attacked the monks with a belt.

The Jain monks, six in total, were traveling from Shrimali Jain temple in Bharuch to Derol. As per their religious practice, male contact is strictly prohibited, and the monks repeatedly requested Altaf not to touch them. Ignoring their pleas, Altaf launched a violent assault, using his belt to beat the monks and even kicking them.

The attack started when the monks were near Muhammadpura. Altaf began shouting at them and chasing them, creating an atmosphere of fear and panic. Despite their attempts to avoid physical contact, the monks were subjected to severe physical abuse.

The situation escalated until Keslu village resident Satishbhai Rathod intervened. Satishbhai, who is married to an Amod Taluka Panchayat member, witnessed the attack and rushed to the monks’ aid. He managed to subdue the attacker temporarily and contacted the Bharuch Taluka Police. Unfortunately, Altaf managed to escape by jumping onto a passing tempo vehicle.

Satishbhai’s quick thinking and bravery did not go unrewarded. He spotted Altaf again near Vagra Chokdi and, with the assistance of the police, successfully apprehended him. The arrest brought a sense of relief to the community, but the trauma of the attack left a lasting impact on the monks and their supporters.

This incident has drawn widespread condemnation from various sections of society. The brutality and disregard for religious sentiments have sparked outrage, with many calling for strict action against the perpetrator. The Bharuch Police have assured the community that justice will be served and that such acts of violence will not be tolerated.