Ahmedabad News : 1600 Schools  to be Surveyed for Fire Safety and NOC Compliance

In Ahmedabad city alone, about 100 schools underwent inspections by various officers and employees from the DEO office for fire safety and NOC compliance


AHMEDABAD,GUJARAT : In the wake of the devastating fire incident in Rajkot, the education department has launched a comprehensive fire safety and NOC (No Objection Certificate) survey across schools in Ahmedabad. This initiative aims to ensure that all schools adhere to fire safety regulations, preventing such tragedies in the future.

The survey began on Monday, with a thorough check conducted in 150 schools across the city. By Tuesday evening, inspections were extended to over 1600 schools in both urban and rural areas of Ahmedabad. More than 30 teams from the District Education Office (DEO) have been mobilized for this critical task, with a mandate to identify and rectify any fire safety violations.

In Ahmedabad city alone, about 100 schools underwent inspections by various officers and employees from the DEO office. A total of 20 teams are currently deployed, each responsible for inspecting at least five schools daily. This rigorous inspection process is set to continue for the next ten days, covering around 1000 schools under the jurisdiction of the city DEO office.

Additionally, the survey has reached 45 schools in rural Ahmedabad by Monday evening, where teams from the rural DEO office verified fire NOCs and inspected fire safety equipment. Preliminary reports indicate that all schools checked so far possess the necessary fire NOCs and safety measures.

Rohit Chowdhury, the DEO of Ahmedabad city, emphasized the importance of this initiative, stating, “We checked 100 schools on Tuesday alone. We aim to continue this daily routine for the next ten days. The data collected from these inspections will be submitted to the education department. If any school is found lacking in fire safety compliance, appropriate actions will be taken.”

Similarly, Kripa Jha, the DEO of Ahmedabad rural, outlined the efforts being made in village areas. “There are approximately 600 schools within the village limits. Our 12 teams are conducting daily inspections in about 50 schools. So far, all schools have shown compliance with fire NOCs and safety equipment. However, any deficiencies found in subsequent checks will be addressed with immediate action.”