Bevu Bella Ugadi recipe for Kannada New Year

Ugadi Pachadi on New Year's Day is a symbol of embracing one's full range of feelings and finding inner peace.


Banglore : Bevu Bella, a traditional sweet made for the Kannada New Year, consists of neem leaves and jaggery. Businesswoman, lawyer, educator, and philanthropist Pavithra Halkatti shares her special occasion dish. Happiness, anger, sadness, fear, disgust, and surprise are all represented in Bevu Bella Ugadi through the ingredients used. For Indians, eating Ugadi Pachadi on New Year’s Day is a symbol of embracing one’s full range of feelings and finding inner peace.



– 1 tbsp Neem Flowers

– 4 tbsp Jaggery

– 3 Green chillies

– 1-2 Raw Mangoes, chopped

– Tamarind juice as per taste

– Water as required

– Salt to taste

– Coconut, grated or finely chopped (optional)


– Take a large bowl with chopped raw mangoes and green chillies.

– Add Neem Flowers and grated Coconut.

– Now add Salt, Jaggery, and Tamarind juice and mix all ingredients well with the required quantity of water.

– Add grated/ chopped Coconut and mix well.

– The Bevu Bella Ugadi is ready to serve.