Assam Rifles Soldier Shot in Engagement with Suspected Kuki Militants in Manipur

Manipur is slowly returning to normal, and the curfew relaxation hours have been extended


Guwahati:  In an engagement with suspected Kuki militants in the Imphal East area of Manipur, a member of the Assam Rifles was shot in the stomach.

Kuldeep Singh, a security adviser for the Chief Minister’s Office, confirmed to the media that security forces exchanged gunfire with unidentified terrorists. The bullet entered the guts of one Assam Rifles soldier.

Singh said that inspections of SoO camps have started by AR and local police, and an inventory of weapons has commenced. The drill has begun, and it is being made sure that the SoO cadres are staying in their allotted camps.

According to Singh, the state of Manipur is slowly returning to normal, and the curfew relaxation hours have been extended. We have found 284 weapons and 6700 rounds of ammo thus far.

He said that 66 people had been murdered in Manipur’s turmoil, 41 of them had perished as a direct result of the violence and the others from other reasons.

There are enough unmanned aerial vehicles, drones, and other aerial surveillance capabilities, together with 128 Army and Assam Rifles columns, to conduct surveillance around the clock.

On the other side, the Manipur chapter of the All Tribal Students’ Union (ATSUM) blamed the state administration for the recent violence that has taken many lives there.

ATSUM said that the state administration had done nothing to stop the rioting that had led to the deaths and destruction.

The state administration, according to ATSUM, “chose to remain a silent spectator” when it might have avoided “violence of such scale and intensity” by intervening early on.