Aertsen inaugurates its new modular furniture manufacturing facility in Hyderabad

Aertsen's Modular Manufacturing Department originated from shared values


Hyderabad : A sofa may usually be expected to last for about 2,957 days. About 8 years, though that can be much longer with careful maintenance, and even longer when products are made with the client in mind. Aertsen’s Modular Manufacturing Department originated from shared values. The quality of goods continues to decline as the globe shifts more and more towards a profit-first attitude at the expense of consumers’ wishes. And the furniture industry is in the same boat; there are barely any remaining businesses that put the customer first.

The Aertsen Modular manufacturing factory, located on the outskirts of Hyderabad, has a 1,00,000 square foot property and can supply 60 fully furnished gorgeous homes per month. Such a large figure is the result of the efforts of more than 45 people working together. Every day, the raw materials set out on a journey to become a finished piece of furniture, which is then packaged up and shipped off to the construction site. Yet, the trip is tracked and checked at every step by a series of cutting-edge devices.

It is essential to employ the appropriate kind of people in order to produce the right products, and that is exactly what you will find working in the facility. Employees from a wide range of backgrounds, including designers, engineers, craftspeople, and electricians, work relentlessly to provide the highest quality, most aesthetically pleasing furniture for a wide range of design narratives.

Fuelled by an ambition to become the best in the industry, the manufacturing facility churns out world-class furniture day in and day out to match the expectations of the founders. This is done with the help of a software called B-Cabinet, a revolutionary suite of software that helps control all their machines in the facility. The software expedited the process while being extremely precise and accurate. The facility also houses several machines that are used to cut, bend and shape the desired styles and these include a hot & cold press for giving the plywood the finish, Selco SK 3 for cutting, JADE – 300 for edge binding and CNC Rover gold for drilling.

All these machines work in tandem to keep up with the demand of our clients. In hindsight, the manufacturing unit is what enables Aertsen to minimise the redecoration process to just 45 days. Besides that, the facility also enables their clients to choose from a wide variety of styles, finishes, and designs. However, it also provides Aertsen with a solid foundation on which they can depend. Furthermore, the facility doesn’t just manufacture modular furniture very efficiently; it also makes sure the furniture is delivered to the site in a timely manner.

Chances are you would want to redecorate your own home, and just like everyone else you would want to have only the best in the industry. If that’s the case, Aertsen is amongst the fastest up and coming home interior design brands in India. Where most companies try to exaggerate the time taken in the process, Aertsen offers a comprehensive home interior solution within just 45 days. Their team of highly trained designers has delivered countless happy homes across Southern India and are all set to expand their services to every nook and cranny of the country. If their services seem like something you might want for yourself, checkout their portfolio on their website :