XtraTrust CA’s dedication to excellence fosters confidence in eGovernment and Digital Transformation

The Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA) has granted XtraTrust DigiSign Pvt Ltd (XDPL) a licence as a Certifying Authority in India


Bhopal : Passwords by themselves are inadequate to fend off the security risks of today. To ensure the security of online transactions, the majority of big businesses depend on public key infrastructure (PKI). Typically, authentication is required in order to access internal resources inside a firm. The Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA) has granted XtraTrust DigiSign Pvt Ltd (XDPL) a licence as a Certifying Authority in India. XDPL has developed into a one-stop shop for businesses’ contemporary PKI needs and solutions.

India’s ambitious “Digital India” strategy is helping the country’s paperless workplaces spread quickly. They will soon be an integral component of the social and economic structure of the nation. As a result, XtraTrust set out to develop a goal of making a substantial contribution to the safe facilitation of the Digital Transformation by continuously developing new methodologies and working with others to establish technology benchmarks, governmental directives, and industry forecasts.

In September 2021, XtraTrust CA received the licence, which became effective in April 2022. The company is an eSign Service Provider (ESP) with a presence throughout the whole country of India. It provides eSign via Aadhaar eKYC and produces legally acceptable Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) in line with the IT Act to people, businesses, and governmental agencies in India.

A division of Xtranet Technologies Pvt Ltd (XTPL), which has a long history of developing AI-based software and turnkey IT projects in India, the US, and the United Arab Emirates, is XtraTrust CA.

Sukhbir Singh Kukreja, the company’s creator, said, “We think that safeguarding your online transactions should not come at the price of efficiency, thus we have built cutting-edge techniques for exclusive and win-win partnerships. “All of these processes are dynamically reviewed on a regular basis by experts, and changes are made as needed, to improve the customer experience and make it world-class.”

According to the IT Act 2000, “XtraTrust CA is a CCA (Govt. of India) Licenced Certifying Authority in India.” We provide eSign, PKI, and digital signature certifications. “By fostering the expansion of e-commerce and technology in various private and public sectors, we intend to catalyse the digitalization of the Indian economy and the global economy,” Kukreja said.

XtraTrust CA provides Enterprises and Government Organisations with end-to-end e-governance services and solutions. As part of its e-governance efforts, XtraTrust CA provides its IT knowledge and skills to assist government departments and organisations in achieving their goals. E-Governance services encompass the conceptualisation, design, implementation, and operation of e-Governance initiatives. XtraTrust also handles the day-to-day operations and management of several of these initiatives.

“We intend to expand both horizontally and vertically by expanding our domestic facilities and expanding our operations in Asian markets,” stated Ajitkumar Totlani, co-founder of XtraTrust CA. “We intend to maintain our focus on empowering individuals and organisations by making this technology easily and affordably available.” We intend to connect this with future trends and make it an unrivalled piece of technology. By providing more value-added services, we hope to retain our long-standing relationship with our customers across the board. We plan to develop regionally, enter new industries, and raise brand awareness. Strategic alliances are also an important aspect of our long-term plans.”

According to Totlani, XtraTrust CA serves as a one-stop shop for all PKI needs, with a focus on highly scalable PKI solutions for organisations requiring secure commerce, communications, delivery, and community interactions. The anticipated next-generation Identity-enhancing solutions allow businesses to conduct digital transactions in a more convenient and private manner.

For more information, visit: https://xtratrust.com/