Vridhcare’s Cinema on Wheels brings delight to the elderly in old-age homes

This transition in population poses new difficulties, especially for the health of the elderly


New Delhi : The old population in India is expected to grow from 138 million in 2021 to 194 million in 2031, as stated in the Elderly in India 2021 study published by the National Statistical Office (NSO). Over the last decade, this represents a rise of 41%.

This transition in population poses new difficulties, especially for the health of the elderly.

In addition to having access to nutritious food, safe shelter, medical care, and emotional support, their well-being is greatly aided by opportunities for fun and social interaction. The residents of nursing homes have benefited greatly from such gatherings. For those who are depressed or lonely, entertainment may be a lifeline because of its proven ability to raise spirits.

The negative effects on seniors’ mental health and well-being from a lack of access to these kinds of activities are compounded by the increased risk of chronic illness and premature mortality. Older people, in particular, need regular opportunities to contact with others; those who don’t will suffer.

On the other side, seniors who stay active have various advantages, such as better physical health, more stamina, elevated mood, and less mental tiredness. As a kind of therapy, leisure pursuits improve patients’ mental and emotional health by providing an outlet for stress relief and social bonding.

It is imperative that retirement communities emphasise recreational opportunities for its residents. By allowing them to participate in enjoyable activities, we can help them overcome these feelings and enhance their quality of life. Vridhcare is a non-profit organisation headquartered in New Delhi that operates throughout India. They aim to improve the quality of life for seniors, especially those in low-income areas. Connecting elders with like-minded individuals and facilitating their participation in health-enhancing social activities are two main goals of these programmes.

Their partnership with Cinema on Wheels is a prime example; this is a ground-breaking group that uses a one-of-a-kind mobile theatre to bring the joy of cinema to rural areas of India. There is a great need for easily accessible cinema in rural and suburban parts of India, where only 9 screens are available per million inhabitants.

In response, Cinema on Wheels has built a mobile, state-of-the-art digital movie theatre that seats up to 50 people within a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), delivering the convenience and luxury of a multiplex cinema right to the doorstep of communities. Cinema on Wheels, in partnership with Vridhcare, has made it a priority to provide this service to the residents of 56 retirement communities in the state of Rajasthan. The founder of Cinema on Wheels, Arvind Tungaria, has said, “We were shocked to observe the effect of our digital movie theatre on the elderly. Working with Vridhcare, we saw individuals see films for the first time in decades owing to financial constraints; their reactions were inspiring. This collaboration has enabled us to reach out to the elderly, who are frequently more alone and in need of uplifting entertainment than the younger demographic we often target. We are honoured to share Vridhcare’s commitment to improving the lives of people everywhere.

The collaboration between Vridhcare and Cinema on Wheels exemplifies the power of partnerships in addressing social challenges. By working together, these organisations have bridged the gap in access to entertainment for the elderly population in remote areas and given them a platform to engage with their peers. This initiative exemplifies how organisations can leverage each other’s strengths and resources to achieve common goals. Age and illness should not hinder seniors from enjoying life to the fullest.