Alice Blue CEO Siddhavelayutham Explores Technology’s Impact on Trading

Digital payments have eliminated the need to carry large amounts of currency around for little purchases


Bangalore : Every aspect of human life has been altered by technological development, from how we work to how we relax. The days of having to lug around a wad of cash or making many trips at various establishments to complete a single transaction are long gone. Digital payments have eliminated the need to carry large amounts of currency around for little purchases. Our lives have been vastly enhanced by technological progress.

Technology’s Impact on the Post-COVID World:

Technology’s influence has grown since the COVID era. Online medical consultations through video conferencing, for instance, have become the norm, marking an era of unprecedented development in the healthcare industry. There has been a general uptick in the usage of technology across all sectors as businesses attempt to undergo digital transformations in order to remain competitive. The primary objective is to enhance productivity while limiting costs.

How New Technologies Are Changing the Trading Sector:

India’s commercial sector has changed dramatically over the years, especially in terms of embracing new technology. Do you recall when you had to make a phone call or make a personal visit to your broker’s office in order to make a trade? Since then, we’ve made a lot of progress. Smartphone apps have made it possible to trade from any location with instantaneous access to global market data.

Increased Use of Mobile and App-Based Trading:

Investors and traders have flocked to mobile/app-based trading owing to its widespread availability, ease of use, and security. Clients may see their trading history, submit questions, and place orders all from inside the mobile app. App-based trading’s popularity has increased in recent years, thanks to the widespread availability of the internet and a shift in the way people generally do business.

Year % Share

2014 1.0%

2016 2.5%

2020 20.0%

2023 25.0%

As illustrated above, the share of cash market trades carried out on mobile phones has seen growth, increasing from a mere 1% a decade ago to a quarter of the cash market volume in the previous year. This progress demonstrates the widespread adoption of mobile trading platforms.

The Paradox of Choice:

Today, there are numerous mobile trading apps available from various brokerages, including both discount and full-service houses. This abundance of options often presents clients with the paradox of choice, making it crucial for them to make informed decisions based on their requirements.

Introducing ANT Mobi 2.0 – A Complete Solution:

Our mobile trading app, ANT Mobi 2.0, offers a comprehensive solution for traders and investors alike. Within the app, users can access market-related news, transfer funds seamlessly, and employ fingerprint login for enhanced security. Additionally, the app provides a range of stock analysis tools, including multiple indicators and screeners, empowering users to make well-informed investment decisions.

The Game-Changing Technologies:

E-KYC (Know Your Customer) and UPI (Unified Payments Interface) have revolutionized the trading landscape, simplifying the account opening process and facilitating seamless fund transfers. These technologies have significantly enhanced the client-broker relationship at every touchpoint throughout the trading journey, fostering trust and transparency.

The Future of Trading: Voice Command and Artificial Intelligence:

Looking ahead, we anticipate further technological advancements in trading, such as voice command-based trading and the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for improved trade execution. As technology adoption continues to grow, the trading industry will continue to evolve, providing exciting opportunities for traders and investors.

Technology has revolutionised commerce. Mobile trading applications, e-KYC, and UPI have made trading and investing easier. Self-directed, app-based trading has replaced broker-dependent approaches, giving investors real-time market access and control.
Trading technology has huge future possibilities. Voice command-based trading and AI-enhanced transactions are only the beginning. Technology and the need for better trade experiences will drive industry change.

Alice Blue offers technology-based solutions. ANT Mobi 2.0, our mobile trading app, offers traders and investors a smooth and feature-rich experience. We keep ahead of technology to provide our customers with tools for trading.

Technology helps you make educated judgements, execute transactions smoothly, and remain connected to the markets anytime, anywhere. Discover how technology is changing trading and investing. Visit to learn more about trading and investing with Alice Blue. Our devoted staff can help you achieve financial success.