Vidyakul Honors Students’ Outstanding Performance

Vidyakul recognised its intermediate exam state and district champions from the state of Bihar there


Patna : At Vidyapati Bhavan in Patna, the Bihar online education institute Vidyakul held a sankalp mahotsav and a felicitation programme. Vidyakul recognised its intermediate exam state and district champions from the state of Bihar there. There were thousands of students there.

The director of the institute, Tarun Saini, was the chief guest, and he and Anu sir congratulated and wished the top students a bright future after they received their intermediate exam results. Each student received a bicycle, laptop, cash award, and mobile phone. The goal was to entice students from low-income backgrounds to enrol in mainstream schools.

Tarun Saini, founder of Vidyakul, spoke at the event, saying, “We started Vidyakul with the idea that students of Bihar make a name for themselves in the country and across the world.” Many students from our institute scored at the very top of the Bihar state intermediate exam because of the outstanding training they received from our teachers and the effort they put in.

Faculty member Anu sir congratulated the top students, saying, “The hard work of these students has borne fruits.” It’s also our success as educators.

Seven out of the top ten students in the state of Bihar for the intermediate examination all attended Vidyakul. In addition, 22 students placed first in their respective districts. In total, 1,722 students across the 38 regions topped the exam scores.

More than 13,000 students in Bihar received online education via the Vidyakul application, of which seven secured the first rank in the exams at the regional level, 57 at the district level and 272 at the school level.

This year, around 70,000 students received free education via Vidyakul application. Among students studying at the institute, those in the science and arts streams dominated the results scene, with more than 60 per cent of them girls. With this result, Vidyakul has become the education system with maximum toppers in the intermediate exams of the Bihar board.

Vidyakul has become a popular YouTube channel of Bihar where more than 10 lakh students have joined and receive education regularly. The number has been consistently increasing after the excellent results in the Bihar board intermediate exams.