CHEP warns against unlicensed use of its equipment and promotes sustainable practises

CHEP, a top supplier of pooling solutions for containers and pallets


New Delhi : A public notice from CHEP, a major provider of pallet and container pooling solutions, was published in several Indian newspapers throughout the month of March 2023, warning against the theft and misuse of CHEP’s property. Wooden pallets, crates, containers, and other shipping platforms owned by CHEP are labelled with CHEP’s logo and/or phrases like “Property of CHEP” or “Owned by CHEP” to show who the rightful owner is. Blue is the colour used to distinguish CHEP tools whenever possible.

The announcement serves as a friendly reminder that CHEP never part with any of its machinery. Equipment may not be bought or sold, or used, disposed of, or dealt with in any way that goes against CHEP’s rules. Equipment owned by CHEP cannot be purchased, modified, exchanged, sold, or disposed of in any way not expressly authorised by CHEP, its hiring customers, or their respective agents. Any theft, misuse, or unlawful disposal of CHEP property may give rise to civil and/or criminal liability.

For environmental sustainability, it is crucial that CHEP’s equipment be returned, as this reduces CO2 emissions and keeps goods moving through the supply chain. Reusing previously used machinery also helps conserve scarce raw materials.

Through CHEP, you can report misuse and ask for the return of stolen or lost items. Anyone needing help can dial their toll-free number or send an email. Adhering to CHEP’s standards helps the environment and keeps you out of trouble with the law.

The equipment sharing model used by CHEP is a powerful tool in the fight against waste because it emphasises the three R’s: reduction, reuse, and recycling. With their model of repair and reuse, CHEP is able to collect all pallets, even the damaged ones, putting an end to waste wood concerns. Also, CHEP’s managed pooling services help cut down on less obvious forms of waste. Its quality control measures lessen the likelihood of damaged goods and food waste, cutting down on the costs and environmental impacts associated with product replacement and redeliveries. Pallet waste is greatly reduced and the amount of wood used in pallet production is kept to a minimum thanks to CHEP’s pallet life cycle. Studies show that CHEP pallets can outlast their white-wood counterparts by a factor of up to 10. The managed pooling service at CHEP ensures the pallets are always in good condition by inspecting and fixing them as needed.

About CHEP: CHEP helps move more goods to more people in more places than any other organisation on earth. Its pallets, crates and containers form the invisible backbone of the global supply chain, and the world’s biggest brands trust CHEP to help them transport their goods more efficiently, sustainably, and safely. As pioneers of the sharing economy, CHEP created one of the world’s most sustainable logistics businesses through the share and reuse of its platforms under a model known as ‘pooling’. CHEP’s ambition is to create a positive impact on the planet and society, pioneering regenerative supply chains. CHEP primarily serves the fast-moving consumer goods (e.g., dry food, grocery, and health and personal care), fresh produce, beverage, retail, and general manufacturing industries. CHEP employs approximately 11,500 people and believes in the power of collective intelligence through diversity, inclusion, and teamwork. CHEP owns approximately 345 million pallets, crates, and containers through a network of more than 750 service centres, supporting more than 500,000 customer touch-points for global brands. CHEP is part of the Brambles Group and operates in approximately 60 countries.

In India, CHEP offers sustainable pallet and container pooling services to businesses across various industries, helping them optimize their supply chain operations and reduce their environmental footprint. CHEP’s pooling model allows businesses to share pallets and containers, reducing the need for disposable packaging and minimizing waste. The company’s services also enable businesses to streamline their supply chain processes and improve efficiency. With a commitment to sustainability and innovation, CHEP continues to drive positive change in the logistics industry while providing cost-effective and reliable supply chain solutions to its customers.

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