Vadodara : Yash Bhalawala appointed as the Indian team’s Asian Games ranking manager

Yash Bhalawala, the honourable representative of the Gujarat eSports Association, will go with the participants. 


Vadodara :  Yash Bhalawala, a resident of Vadodara, has been named the team’s manager for the International Road to the Asian Games (FIFA Online / EA Sports Branded Soccer Games) in Seoul, South Korea, from August 2nd through the 6th, 2023.  Vadodara takes great pleasure in this.  The Sports Authority of India and the All India Federation are both places where Yash Bhalawala is employed at the moment.  Yash Bhalawala, the honourable representative of the Gujarat eSports Association, will go with the participants.  He is a vital cog in the Indian eSports machine because to his wealth of industry knowledge and commitment to spreading the word about eSports on a grass-roots level.

The Indian squad has a fantastic chance to test themselves against the top esports athletes in Asia at the Road to Asian Games tournament in Seoul.  This is a qualifying tournament for the first inclusion of eSports as a medal sport at the upcoming Asian Games.  The Gujarat eSports Association and the rest of the Indian esports community are rooting for the squad.  The team’s trip to Seoul was made possible by the dedication of many people who want to see eSports flourish in India.

“As the FIFA Online 4 Indian eSports team prepares to make its mark on the international stage, they hope to make the nation proud and inspire a new generation of eSports enthusiasts in the country,” said Yash Bhalalawala of the eSports Association of Gujarat.

The Gujarat eSports Association: The eSports Association of Gujarat is a non-profit group working to grow and expand the eSports community in Gujarat. They are affiliated with the eSports Federation of India.  The eSports Association of Gujarat actively backs exceptional players and helps them realise their full potential on national and international platforms with the goal of creating a healthy eSports ecosystem.

The Indian FIFA Online 4 eSports squad, including some of the best players in the world, is about to set off on an incredible adventure.  He’ll be representing the country in Seoul’s famous Road to the Asian Games competition.  The competition, scheduled for August 2nd-6th, 2023, will include the best gamers in the area.  The Indian team’s goal is to build a name for itself on the global scene.  The Indian FIFA Online 4 eSports squad is made up of two excellent players and one distinguished representative who are eager to show off their abilities and represent the country with pride.  This group consists of:

Charanjot Singh:- A 20-year-old college student from Chandigarh describes himself first, as a football fanatic.  “When I’m not playing FIFA on my console, I’m watching it on TV or I’m out on the field playing football,” he says, laughing.  He is now one of two FIFA 22 players selected for the 15-man esports squad.  who will represent India in the 2023 Asian Games in Hangzhou, China.  Ranked as the No. 1 FIFA 22 athlete in India, he has won the AIFF eFootball Challenge twice, consistently proving his mettle in the Indian gaming circuit.  Moving from India, Charanjot has showcased his skills internationally by winning the FGS Singapore Open, FGS South Asia Play-ins, FIFA eNations Asia Playoffs and the FAS eSports Championship.  Moreover, he has proudly represented India in various places like Denmark, London (three times), Qatar and Malaysia.  Due to its continued success, India has been ranked 6th in the world of FIFA esports.  Interestingly, Charanjot didn’t own a console until a few years ago and started playing on a friend’s desktop.  After his first win at the EA Road to Russia event in 2018, his parents bought him their own.  After seeing his son’s achievements so far, he now sees esports as a viable career option.  “It has come to a point where my mother, who doesn’t watch any of my games, has taken an interest in how I perform. She asks for regular updates and advises me to focus on honing my skills and  This motivates me enough to want to bring the medal home,” says Singh.  Singh’s mother, who works in the government, is proud of her son and his achievements so far in esports.  “I am happy that he is pursuing what he loves because that is the most important thing. But I also make sure that his studies are not affected, and he manages both on his own very well,” she said.  expressed.  At the Asian Games, Charanjot will carry the hopes of not just his parents but the entire nation on his shoulders as he looks to bring back the medals to India.

Karman Singh Tikka:- Hailing from Delhi, Karman Singh, also known by his in-game name “Tikkatown”, is a talented 20-year-old FIFA 22 player.  which has made a name for itself in the competitive gaming community.  With 10 times more pressure than usual at the Asian Games in Hangzhou, Karman expects himself to come home with a medal from the tournament.  His confidence and command of the game helped him secure 2nd place in the inaugural Hero eISL, Karaman’s skills also helped him secure 1st place in the AIFF eFootball Challenge Qualifier.  Karaman’s love for football goes beyond gaming.  After starting watching football in 2009, he watched Chelsea win the Premier League and immediately became their lifelong supporter.  However, when it comes to FIFA 22, Kerman has the choice to pick Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) as his team of choice.  “PSG have the best dribblers in the game, and I’m happy to use their skills and abilities to get an edge on the virtual pitch,” says Karaman.  With his dedication, talent and strategic brilliance, Karman has all the attributes to make the country proud and realize his dreams at the Asian Games.