Top 5 Indian women leaders inspiring future generations

In many fields, women have been pioneers for some time now


New Delhi :  In many fields, women have been pioneers for some time now, doggedly overcoming bias and sexism to succeed. SRV Media, an integrated marketing agency headquartered in Pune with a presence throughout India, has compiled a list of five exceptional women who continually strive to exceed limits and break barriers in recognition of the unwavering dedication that women exhibit in their pursuit of professional success.

Shatakshi, Founder and CEO, Confused Genius

One of Shatakshi’s guiding principles is to make the most of every situation. Because of this outlook, she has made similar decisions in her professional life. She got her start in the nonprofit sector, then when the time was right, she expanded into the for-profit sector with Confused Genius, a digital marketing firm with a global reach. The team that Shatakshi oversees is a shining example of how to run a successful remote office. Shatakshi is an expert in digital marketing and has been working in the sector for about a decade. She graduated from the Indian Institute of Management in Indore. She has built a loyal following as a solo entrepreneur because to the witty and forthright ideas she expresses on her Facebook and Instagram pages.

Surabhi Dewra, Founder of Career Guide

Having worked in career counselling since 2011, Surabhi is a multitalented businesswoman. She started Career Guide to guide kids and their parents towards careers that are a good fit for their interests, values, and skills. As the company’s founder, Surabhi is in charge of creating new products, providing guidance to clients, setting financial goals, promoting the business, and managing the team. She is a dogged problem-solver and fierce champion of women in power. More than five million students in India benefit from Surabhi’s project each year, which provides them with career guidance. She has also established herself as a prominent voice in the realms of television education, career guidance, and women’s leadership.

Mrs Ichcha Ashish Wanjari, Co-founder of AmTrue

Get to know Ichcha, the man behind the truth-focused startup AmTrue. Ichcha believes that the first place to look for the truth is within oneself, which is why she founded a company to improve the lives of women everywhere. Ichcha courageously and confidently introduced the Q cup, a tool that alleviates pain and prevents infections during menstruation. Her goal is to provide a holistic space for women, not just to offer healthy and safe items. Ichcha would like to share some wise words with you in honour of International Women’s Day: “Know yourself, then the world will recognise you.” Her mission at AmTrue is to encourage women to trust their own intuition, accept their own authenticity, and work for a better future.

Dr. Kavya Singh, Founder – Director of DocStokes Newz Health Pvt. Ltd.

Dr. Kavya Singh, a Dental Surgeon turned entrepreneur, is the Founder-Director of DocStokes Newz Health Pvt. Ltd. Her interest in the intersection of technology and healthcare led her to establish a Healthcare Digital Marketing Company, which focuses on improving the online presence of healthcare organizations. Her passion for medicine and technology has helped several hospitals, clinics, and individual practitioners achieve their digital marketing goals. Her innovative approach has garnered recognition in the healthcare marketing industry, and her company has received multiple awards for its outstanding work. Dr Kavya’s success as an entrepreneur stems from her dedication to improving the healthcare industry through digital means.

Ruchika Bhalla, AVP-Marketing, DASV Technologies Pvt Ltd

With over 16 years of experience in various industries, Ruchika is a seasoned marketing professional who has served with several well-known companies such as E-Serve International, Standard Chartered Bank in Dubai, Hutchisson, and IHC. Her expertise in digital marketing, web strategies and CRM has helped her to thrive in the ever-changing business environment. As a yoga enthusiast, she understands the importance of maintaining a perfect work-life balance and advocates for fitness at all ages. She firmly believes that women in India are making remarkable progress in their respective domains and contributing to the country’s development. Ruchika is currently a vital member of the leadership team at DASV Technologies Pvt. Ltd., where she is helping to build a start-up real estate fintech organization based in Noida. She played a crucial role in the successful launch of PeProp.Money- an app based real estate marketplace for buyers and investors to book their property and earn millions in rewards and cashback.

Not only have these women established themselves as notable figures, but they have also become a source of motivation for those who aspire to follow in their footsteps. In its effort to support feminist ideals, SRV Media has compiled this list with the intention of highlighting the stories of female trailblazers who have achieved groundbreaking success in their respective fields.

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