Thunderbolt EVs offer quality and style at an unbelievable price

Jayesh Thakkar is the founder of Thunderbolt


Ahmedabad (Gujarat) : Gujaratis are known for their business acumen, perseverance, business-mindedness, and ability to take calculated risks, making them one of the world’s best business communities.

One Gujarati entrepreneur is making headlines because of his entrepreneurial venture, which will change the Indian automobile sector and usher in an era of electric vehicles.

Jayesh Thakkar is the founder of Thunderbolt, known for its electric scooters (low speed & high speed), ICAT-approved auto-rickshaws, auto rickshaw-loader, vintage-designed cars, etc. Mr. Jayesh Thakkar wants to take advantage of the large market for electric cars in the near future. The self-motivated and farsighted entrepreneur Jayesh Thakkar began his entrepreneurial journey 20 years ago. Since then, he has created many successful brands, but because of his love for the environment, he understood very early that something needed to be done to reduce pollution in the country or future generations would live a life full of diseases.

Jayesh Thakkar created Thunderbolt to help keep the environment clean and healthy. Mr. Jayesh Thakkar wanted his company to be completely self-sufficient, so he made sure all the spare parts for his electric vehicles were made in Thunderbolt’s manufacturing unit. This helped the company create a market monopoly.

Thunderbolt, a sister company of BSE-listed Mercury Metals Ltd., designs and manufactures customised electric vehicles for hospitality, industry, and golf courses. Thunderbolt also makes EV chassis, controller, motor, LFP battery, and EV Rickshaw brake shoe.

Thunderbolt’s Mega EV Complex in Vadodara, Gujarat, is now functional, so we can expect big developments soon. Jayesh Thakkar is investing 500 crores in this 20-acre multi-facility complex to make Gujarat and India a hub for electric vehicle manufacturing.

This complex will also include a charging station with cafe, CED coating and painting unit, vehicle assembly, battery factory, EV power train facility, etc.

Mr. Jayesh Thakkar and his team are hopeful of rapid growth in the electric vehicles market (personal and commercial) because the Indian government wants citizens to prefer electric vehicles over fuel-driven ones to reduce the nation’s dependence on other countries for fuel and to benefit the country’s environment in the long run.

The Indian government also provides subsidies to manufacturers and consumers of electric vehicles to promote their use.

Mr. Jayesh Thakkar has always believed in giving customers value for their money, which is why the other market players are shocked by Thunderbolt’s prices.

Thunderbolt electric cars are beautiful and stylish; do you like them?