The top 10 programming languages to avoid in 2023 are outdated


Programming is a sought-after skill in today’s competitive world. To make a name for yourself in programming, you need to know programming languages. Programming languages abound. Know which programming languages will be obsolete in 2023 if you want to become a coder. We have you covered. In 2023, avoid these 10 outdated programming languages, according to Analytics Insight report. Look!



CoffeeScript, one of the lightest languages, is too good to be true. Dropbox, GitHub, and others used this programming language for browser-side code. JavaScript eventually became a better option.



Ruby was popular for web applications, data processing, automation, and more. Ruby’s appeal has faded since Python’s readability and code security. Ruby may become obsolete in 2023 in the coming days.



VBA was once a popular programming language worldwide. However, VBA appears to have lost. Microsoft no longer updates this.NET-based programming language. This only highlights its obsolescence.



Scala’s features make it an ideal programming language. This programming language never performed poorly. Scala was included in the top 10 programming languages that will be obsolete in 2023 because most developers were unaware of its features. Adding it to the dying programming languages list.


Objective C

What makes this programming language obsolete? Verbosity, syntax, and outdated libraries are the reasons. Developers switched to swift for code readability and app development.



Perl is best for text manipulation. It’s simple and efficient. What hinders it? CPAN modules make Perl unportable. Changes must be interpreted in slow-running programmes.



This programming language has struggled with IDE support, syntax, and a steep learning curve. Because of this, developers have moved to better alternatives, making Haskel an outdated programming language.



Fortran is outdated because developers had to switch languages due to a lack of dynamic memory, reliability, and cyber-vulnerable code.



Erlang was once the best language for banking, e-commerce, computer systems development, and instant messaging. Due to its complicated debugging and deployment issues, it is rarely used and may be obsolete by 2023.