Surya Institute of Film and Arts (SIFA) launched to help aspirants succeed in the Indian film industry

The institute helps aspiring filmmakers, actors, writers, and other professionals live their Bollywood dreams


New Delhi : Known by his stage name Surya Jayraj, Surya Ji Kamble has created a hub for creatives interested in breaking into the Indian film business. Providing venues for up-and-coming filmmakers is a great approach to give them a voice and boost their careers. He’s giving budding filmmakers a hand up by making it easier for them to realise their visions and connect with an audience. He is a well-respected mentor and dedicated artist who hopes to open doors for everyone in India with a desire to pursue a career in Bollywood, regardless of their age.

The Surya Institute of Film and the Arts (SIFA) was founded by Surya Jayraj. His goal is to help talented people in India find a place to launch their careers in the film business. Among the many disciplines taught at SIFA are filmmaking, screenwriting, directing, dance, singing, modelling, and acting. The institution also provides technical instruction in the fields of cinematography, editing, sound design, film packaging, design, publicity, and so on.

Surya Jayraj is a businessman by day and an actor by night; his father, Shree Bhivaji Kamble, was a prominent theatrical activist and renowned performer in Marathi theatrical. Since his time at university, Surya Jayraj has been linked with the literary and dramatic arts.

In order to realise their dreams, aspiring filmmakers need many different types of support, including financial backing, tools, education, and contacts. In light of this, SIFA provides its own tools for aspiring filmmakers.

Given the difficulty and isolation of creating films, it’s vital that filmmakers have a place to meet one other and talk about their work. There has always been a lack of diversity of opinion in the film business. SIFA was founded on the principle of showcasing several points of view in an effort to broaden the festival’s appeal and encourage more participation in the filmmaking process.

With SIFA, Surya Jayraj is creating a platform that empowers and supports new filmmakers, helping them drive innovation and creativity in the film industry while offering resources like tutorials, equipment rentals, and industry connections. This will help attract and retain talented filmmakers and increase the value of the institution.

Surya Jayraj believes in continuously upgrading oneself in the field of acting. He has been an integral part of plays like “Aein Vasantat Ardhya Ratri,” “Maans ka Dariya,” etc., short films like “Pakad Rishton Ki,” music videos like “Sang Rehna,” “Sanj Rangli,” and feature films like “Chik Chik Manto” and “Ashiyana.”

Surya Jayraj is registered with IMPA as a Producer with his banner Jayraj Films Entertainment. He also owns a film studio with state-of-the-art equipment. Moreover, he has launched the OTT platform of Surya Talkies. His love for music made him start the label Jayraj Music where he produces audio and video music albums. He has several projects under the banner of Jayraj Films Entertainment. “Chichore,” “The Last Clip,” “Adhura Pyaar,” “Call Girl,” “Dhoka,” “Sanam Re,” “I Phone,” Doggy Don,” “Lalach,” etc. are some of the most renowned web series streaming on the OTT platform of Surya Talkies.

Surya Jayraj stresses the importance of seeing the world in a different way, thinking outside the box, and coming up with innovative solutions to problems. He is driven by a passion for his craft and a desire to share his creations with the world. He has invested his valuable past and dedicated his efforts to developing relevant skills, even in the face of rejection and failure. He wishes to revive the old culture of studio systems, inspired by the likes of Guru Dutt, Raj Kapoor, V. Shantaram, and more.

With SIFA, Surya Jaryaj intends to have a positive impact on the world, inspire others, and leave a legacy. In the days to come, he aims to make SIFA one of the best options for new filmmakers in India at a local and national level. Currently operational in the Palghar District of Maharashtra, Surya Jayraj plans to expand SIFA to cater to all Indian languages in the future.

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