Surat Leads India’s Electric Vehicle Smart Cities with Comprehensive Electric Mobility Plan

Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) has made tremendous progress towards realising this objective by pioneering the creation of the city's Comprehensive Electric Mobility Plan (CEMP)


Surat : Surat, the city of diamonds and textiles, is set to become India’s first Electric Vehicle (EV) smart city, ushering in a new age of sustainable mobility.

Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) has made tremendous progress towards realising this objective by pioneering the creation of the city’s Comprehensive Electric Mobility Plan (CEMP). Surat is getting closer to a future in which electric cars rule the streets, producing a cleaner and greener environment for its citizens.

Recognising the value of collaboration, SMC recently convened a stakeholders meeting on May 26 under the leadership of municipal commissioner Shalini Agarwal, inviting representatives from SVNIT, Gujarat Gas, GPCB, RTO, Credai, CEPT, Pandesara GIDC, Katargam GIDC, Khatodra GIDC, Chamber of Commerce, GIZ, DGVCL, Torrent, ICLEI, and WRI. This collaborative endeavour highlights the city’s dedication to including important stakeholders in the transition to electric transportation.

The installation of 48 public charging stations in Surat demonstrates SMC’s commitment to developing a comprehensive EV infrastructure. As a consequence, the number of electric cars in Surat has increased dramatically, reaching an astonishing 33,500. Surat’s EV adoption rate exceeds 2% nationally and an amazing 34% in the state of Gujarat, cementing its reputation as a forerunner in adopting electric transportation.

SMC’s dedication to electric car promotion goes beyond infrastructure building. The firm has provided appealing incentives such as exemptions from car tax, parking fees, and refunds on environmental improvement costs for EVs. These policies are intended to hasten the adoption of electric cars by making them more accessible and appealing to locals.

On May 3, 2023, the Ministry of Heavy Industries, the Government of India, GIZ, and SMC signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to promote the establishment of an EV ecosystem in Surat. This partnership lays the groundwork for thorough planning and coordinated efforts to achieve the city’s electric mobility objectives.

The government of India’s NITI Aayog has hired the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to develop the Comprehensive Electric Mobility Plan (CEMP) for Surat in order to guarantee a well-defined roadmap and schedule. The plan’s goals are ambitious and far-reaching, with an emphasis on developing a thorough roadmap for E-mobility across multiple forms of transportation. Designing city-context sandbox pilot programmes, capacity-building efforts, and seminars to empower local authorities are all part of it. The strategy also includes the creation of an electric vehicle awareness web platform to educate and sensitise end-users and companies about the state government’s EV promotion activities.

Surat’s efforts towards becoming an electric car smart city demonstrates the city’s foresight and dedication to sustainability. SMC’s comprehensive initiatives, undertaken in conjunction with varied stakeholders, represent a comprehensive approach to addressing the difficulties and capitalising on the potential afforded by electric mobility. Surat’s transformational path serves as an example for other cities in India and throughout the globe to adopt clean and efficient transportation alternatives.

Surat will emerge as a bright example of how a community vision, along with strategic planning and rigorous execution, can change urban landscapes and pave the path for a sustainable future in the near future. Surat becomes one step closer to being a pioneering, ecologically aware, and technologically advanced smart city driven by the clean energy of electric mobility with each EV that hits the road.