LaToken Exchange lists leading utility token YES WORLD

The YES WORLD token is a climate token that facilitates a decentralised, community-driven response to our generation's most pressing problem: global warming


New Delhi : Top Utility Coin The YES WORLD token (YES) may now be purchased on the top decentralised exchange, LaToken.   The listing on LaToken, a significant exchange in South Asian nations, will be a game-changer for YES World Token, making it easier for individuals to buy their preferred cryptocurrency.  In addition to,, CoinsTiger, and the decentralised exchange Pancakeswap, you may buy and sell YES WORLD on a number of additional cryptocurrency exchanges.

The YES WORLD token is a climate token that facilitates a decentralised, community-driven response to our generation’s most pressing problem: global warming. The market reaction follows reports of significant upcoming initiatives for the YES WORLD community.

Yes World is a decentralised, blockchain-powered community ecosystem. The community as a whole decides what is best for the ecology, and everyone in the community benefits from the burning events.

YES WORLD is based on the belief that a community-driven approach is essential to addressing the climate change problem. A community-based strategy, where the people are aware of the dangers of climate change and empowered with the correct knowledge and action plan, is the way ahead, according to YES WORLD, even if no previous climate activities have been particularly effective.

As a group, YES WORLD is also involved in a number of other projects with the goal of lowering atmospheric carbon dioxide levels. It has just released a whole line of energy-saving appliances and other items built on cutting-edge low-carbon technology. Existing members of the community, as well as the d2c model, will sell all these things to customers all around the globe. Some of the key selling points of such items are their reduced carbon footprint, cheap prices, and high energy efficiency.

Members of the YES WORD community will own and operate all low-carbon technology enterprises, with the proceeds going to the group. This is a novel approach to doing business, and the potential for growth in the low-carbon technology sector is enormous.

More than a hundred million individuals are anticipated to join the YES WORLD community via the free airdrops that have just been introduced as part of the YES Airdrop initiative. As the first ever climate airdrop, YES, Airdrop highlights the need of community-driven blockchain-based community-building in the face of the climate change emergency.

The YES WORLD Token is the community’s native token, and it serves as a means of rewarding token holders for taking responsible climate action in pursuit of long-term environmental sustainability.

Airdrops of YES WORLD Token may be claimed at